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Nominating Ad-maven to worst support ever


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Hi all :)

I work with over 35 publishers 6 days a week for my job as media buying but i never come across a DSP like Ad-maven who re-plays so bad as Ad-maven does... Already 4 weeks ago i mailed them trough their contact forum with some questions... 3 weeks later i finally received a answer! Really bad in my opinion if you want to make make money as a business. After that first reply i send them back a message but still no answer (3 days already passed) so yesterday i tried to add some people from their company at Skype but no one accepts the invite :')
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After i started this topic someone finally added me to Skype! He solved the problems and questions and agreed with me that its a problem at Ad-maven where they are working on. So finally after multiple emails and Skype adding i got helped today :)
I've received email invitations to Ad Maven over the past few years. I always ignore them.

So finally after multiple emails and Skype adding i got helped today :)

Yay! Glad you finally got help.


I was approached recently by people from Pop under Advertising – Ad Maven Ad Network they asked me to advertise with their company. I decided to give it a shot after a brief discussion and am quite satisfied with the results so far, earning usually $25+ usd per day it seems to be going well.

Maybe do a case study?