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  1. Nettpreneur

    [FIXED] Issue Resolved

    [UPDATE] Hello guys, AdMaven has responded. The issue is RESOLVED. Thanks for everyone who contributed:) Hi Guys:), I'm pretty new here, just signed up earlier today. I have a slight problem that I would love to have your input on. I signed up for an advertiser account on AdMaven some weeks...
  2. Sarah Weber

    Best Push Notifications Ad Network to Monetize Traffic?

    Hi Fixers! I need your advice guys concerning which ad network is the best for push notifications? I tried Admaven but they serve a lot of adult content to my users. Thank you
  3. harnur

    Do pop ads, pop under ads still work?

    Which categories shud I focus on? Shud I focus more on mobile than desktop? How many dollars shud I spend for testing one campaign?

    AdMaven Trrafic Source

    Hey guys, I want to know your opinion of AdMaven traffic source and what is your experience with it thanks All
  5. Circulation.Tube

    (Resolved - Admaven Responded - Affiliate Claim is False) Admaven doesnt pay his publishers?

    Hi, In 2 months i scraped $50 together on sending traffic towards Admaven. A few days ago i asked for my payment and i got this back: Till now still no reply... Anyone else got expierence with payments by Admaven? I dont think this is normal right? I Also tried to chat with the other...
  6. Circulation.Tube

    Nominating Ad-maven to worst support ever

    Hi all :) I work with over 35 publishers 6 days a week for my job as media buying but i never come across a DSP like Ad-maven who re-plays so bad as Ad-maven does... Already 4 weeks ago i mailed them trough their contact forum with some questions... 3 weeks later i finally received a answer...