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Real life example analysis, "walk-through"


What's the best way to receive some feedback on a campaign I'm running?

Sorry but I feel quite lost, not even sure I use the right terminology, I'll try and explain in plain english. :)

I'm a total noob, just starting (or trying to). I've been reading around about the fear blocking people from even trying and the "action-taking" mentality so I thought I's jump in.

I'm promoting something directly from the seller (no network) using paid traffic and I thought I'd start with something mainstream, so I went with facebook ads.

Now I read even that you shouldn't expect any conversion at first and that you shouldn't consider that losing money but "investing in data". I can accept that, but now the question is, how do I use the info I got from this first "test run"?

The test was very small, 25 EUR budget split in 2 ads which ran for a week. Got 8k impressions and 150 clicks. But it's even true that the target was small, only 17k people.
Is it something I can work with?

How do I know it's worth investing more (or just dump it an move on)?

Finally, to get your much appreciated feedback, should I post some data (what, how) or maybe it'd be better, given anyone would volunteer, a 1-2-1 chat, maybe on google hangout so I could share my screen?

Thanks everybody

P.S. Any other advice to this poor noob is very welcome!

Forgot to mention, I've already got a third campaign nicely setup, with more or less the same options (interests) but a different country which would target around 120k people.

Is it a good strategy to split the tests per region/country? (In this case it's even a different language).


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You are paying 0.167 per click what will you convert?
So far 0:150
Set some limit like 300 clicks or 60 euros -- run it out then stop -- see where you are at.
Then continue or pivot. Plan *B*


so @Graybeard , you're saying data is not enough, and that I expected and planning to run it again on the weekend when it seems I had more interaction last week.

What I'd like to hear though is some feedback about the strategy (if you can call it so):
- promoting something directly from the seller (no network)
- direct linking (no landin page/funnel)
- How do I know it's worth investing more (or just dump it an move on)?



Current campaign:
Google gifted me a 140$ adWords voucher, so I just setup a campaign there as well (I'd really love to speak with some experienced guy for some insight!)

Big picture: Later in the evening I'll look into mailchimp to start understanding a bit about mailing lists and landing pages


A good test is around $1k minimum. Not $25

@jamezdon dunno if you read the whole first post where I stated that I do know 25EUR is not enough and I also wrote that anyway the target was 17k people of which 8k, 50%, was reached even with the low budget.

This is not to be polemic but I'd rather prefer constructive feedback (there are specific questions in the post) over hundred posts of people throwing stones at me, I'm trying to be polite here, because I didn't invest enough.

Also, I'd like to stress on the main request in the post which is if anyone would like to go through this real life example with me to point me in the right direction and explain me few things I'm surely missing.