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  1. Stasy

    Feedback about KMA(Kiss my ads) CPA network

    Hi everybody! Does anybody work with KMA network? What can you tell about this network?
  2. ansyl

    Real life example analysis, "walk-through"

    What's the best way to receive some feedback on a campaign I'm running? Sorry but I feel quite lost, not even sure I use the right terminology, I'll try and explain in plain english. :) I'm a total noob, just starting (or trying to). I've been reading around about the fear blocking people from...
  3. Ana_AdCombo

    Open Dialogue

    Hey, guys! :) My name is Anastasia and I'm Affiliate Manager in AdCombo. We are already familiar with some of you ;) So, as you know in our job it is really important to be in touch with our affiliates and have feedback from them. That's why I decided to create a new project with you. I plan to...
  4. Obaidullah

    Resolved - Unfair Review from Ricardox

    Hi, The data he provided was full of errors which obviously no one would pay for. The whole spreadsheet was full of errors like Address was in City field and even in the name field there were terms like "Vapor215" which is obviously NOT a Contact Name. We asked hm to cleaning the data so that...
  5. K

    logo feedback needed

    Hi everyone! I represent Resume Writing Lab company and I need your feedback. Here is a new logo of the company Resume Writing Lab is offering professional writing services connected with resume, CV, so it was rather difficult to make a good logo. What do you think about it? Do you like...
  6. AkanaSantana

    Please rate website and give me the feedback (amazon affiliate)

    Hi, firends. It's doorway sites, more 1000 pages. The ultimate objective is keep people coming back and get them to click on the amazon product link. I,d give a great deal to know: - seo - readability news text - your mind about prospects of such affiliate websites Thanks.
  7. PurePay

    Review How does my website look

    Hello all. I wanted some feedback on my new company website I know that e-mail sign up and contact form doesn't work, also non of the service pages works. But i am just looking at overall feedback, thank you!
  8. popwee

    Bad payouts/late payouts - need info

    Mates, could you tell me about scams of CPAs, bad managers, late payouts etc. There alot of ads here, but no too much info about negative side
  9. V

    I'm a new here. Click here for a poll. I want to learn from you

    Hi Guys, I'm totally new here. I'm looking into what other are posting and seeing and how everybody is doing. I am more than welcome to feedback and ideas and I would LOVE to interact with you guys. Please reach back to me.
  10. J

    Ask Me Anything TradeTracker Affiliate Network

    Hello all! Anyone here with our network? I'd really enjoy hearing your feedback. Also if you're seeking questions on our network be sure to get in touch. We have a great options focused on CPA which may prove beneficial for many of you (particularly for affiliates with a focus on Europe). I...