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  1. K

    First Campaign Results - Any Advice?

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing with a background in ecommerce. I launched my first campaign for an offer in the ecommerce beauty space targeting middle-aged women. Any advice on my next step in improving my campaign is greatly appreciated. Funnel: Meta Ads -> Bridge Page on my website ->...
  2. Awkama

    My first campaign in affiliate marketing

    Greetings to all participants in this wonderful forum. My name is Roman. Finally, I launched my first campaign and was very happy, because for 1.5 years I just followed affiliate marketing and learned the basics. I am from Russia, I write through a google translator, I apologize for mistakes...
  3. S


    Hello guys! I need help,please! I launched my first campaign (a sweepstake) on Maxbounty, using ZeroPark as a traffic source and AdsBridge as tracker. I've set everything right and I've made a test to verify if everything worked right, but NO! AdsBridge does not count any conversion. How...
  4. ansyl

    First Campaign

    So it seems finally the time has come, after a lot of reading, videos, thinking, getting scared, trying other things, getting back to it I think I finally found the courage to go for it. The network has good score on affpaying and I've chosen propelleraAds for the traffic (I hope naming...
  5. René Wagner

    First campaign kills

    Hey Guys, I want to start to promote my first offer from maxbounty on outbrain or taboola. Its an biz ops offer and the csmpaign links to a landingpage. Is there anything i should be aware of, like using the right link, shorten the link etc? Is there an step by step guide to run the first...
  6. ansyl

    Real life example analysis, "walk-through"

    What's the best way to receive some feedback on a campaign I'm running? Sorry but I feel quite lost, not even sure I use the right terminology, I'll try and explain in plain english. :) I'm a total noob, just starting (or trying to). I've been reading around about the fear blocking people from...
  7. sgm9

    First offer

    I just can't decide what country and what offer I could select for my first mobile offer. Aff Networks: Peerfly, Affiliaxe, Expertmobi, Mobidea. Tracker: AdsBridge Spying: AdPlexity Ad Networks: PopAds, Airpush, Leadbolt Servers and CDN: have them Angles & Landing pages: will...
  8. Walid Chaki

    Anyone can help me to start build my new email list ?

    Hey guys Im new here my name is Walid , Im a newbie in Cpa Marketing I just started with clickbank , but i didn't sell any product now .. so I'm facing a problem to just how to get start to build an email list , getting traffic,creating landing page ....ect can any one help me,any advices and...
  9. mumin4sure

    $186.72 made, Should i be happy with this Or not ?

    Little Into. of myself : Yes this is my first time to get paid from cpa network (adworkmedia) ,though i have made little $$ back then with Google adsense . Unfortunately when i woke up on 19th of April 2015, just some days to receive the month earning ,i received a mail from Google saying my...
  10. raynoldclare

    My first campaign

    Hi guys, just launched my first campaign yesterday. I know I started out pretty late but better late than never right? :-) It's a health and wellness niche. I run the offers on Facebook and also Bing. I can see just a click on Bing, and it's very slow. Made some changes on my FB ads, and the...