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  1. Honeybadger

    SEO Guidelines for 10 Search Engines

    This is exactly the key for SEO Most guidelines are published Google SEO Guidelines Bing SEO Guidelines Yandex SEO Guidelines Yahoo SEO Guidelines Ecosia SEO Guidelines Ask SEO Guidelines Qwant SEO Guidelines CC SEO Guidelines Swisscows SEO Guidelines StartPage SEO Guidelines
  2. durango

    How to show landing URL as display url on Bing instead of tracking URL?

    I have noticed that some advertisers on Bing are running text ads with the final landing URL as display URL even through when you click on them you are going through a tracking link. I use this image as an example I see the ad is showing but in fact, when I clicked on it I...
  3. techable

    Clickbank and Bing ads direct linking success

    *** Updated: Testimonials I received recently Hi guys! I've recently been trying out new methods of promoting CB products. I've had success with finding low competition products that are selling pretty well and doing direct linking campaigns through Bing. I recorded the setup of one...
  4. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Offer me to run an ad network with Microsoft Ad Network

    Hello Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Kindly check that I have 50$+ on Microsoft ad network. I want to run a program where I can make some money. Kindly offer me some good offer with keyword program. Thanks masudbcl
  5. M

    Spend Over $3500 on Bing Ads...

    Hello Everyone, I need guidance, I have spent more than $3500 on running different campaigns on bing till now but I haven't been able to scale any campaigns, I have tried multiple offers in CPI, Ecommerce and Weight Loss niche but Increasing Budgets or creating SKAGS just to scale an offer and...
  6. D

    Maxbounty with Bing

    Hi, I am promoting two offers from Maxbounty since last 2 weeks, One is email and address opt in and another is ecom offer. To my surprise I am getting daily 15/30 clicks on both of them but non of the offers are getting conversions. I am linking the offer landing page directly with my advt. I...
  7. S

    Need help for bing ad

    Hello friend have you any idea about bing dating ad..i want to advert my affiliate link..anyone help me? How i give bing dating ad? How i get approve? Anyone can run my campaign to bing?thanks
  8. thehustler

    Regarding the Bing Ads Intelligence KW tool

    Hey, I downloaded the tool and then when I tried to install it asked me to allow permission for it to send my personal information to MS? I wonder why MS a tech giant need my personal info? They have a ppc service. I am paying for it. That's it. What does my personal info do here? I wanted to...
  9. thehustler

    About Related KWs and Bid

    Hey, so I searched my niche KW in bing search engine and got some related KWs that is very much related and I gathered some of those. Then I went into the Bing KW planner and selected "get search volume" option and I put those related KWs there and the result showed ZERO for all those KWs and...
  10. thehustler

    My Bing Ads campaign result...Not Good?

    Hey, so I just paused my campaign right after 1 hour of being approved by Bing. Now, I know it is very very early to decide but just want to know what do you think of this stats within just 1 hr? Spent - $7.74 Impressions - 14 Clicks - 3 CTR - 21.43% CPC - 2.58 Avg pos - 1.57 Now, as I...
  11. thehustler

    No data with Bing KW planner and AdWords

    Hey, two things on this: 1) I just launched a Bing PPC campaign for the lovely people of Ireland. But I was having an issue with Keywords. Bing KW planner only has the location of Northern Ireland in the UK and NOT the whole of Ireland, so I asked the support and he said KW planner is only...
  12. thehustler

    Bing Ads disapproved my campaign

    Hey, Bing Ads just disapproved my campaign. They say that unsubstantiated claims are not allowed. It's a weight loss campaign. I am not even using my own landing page. I am direct linking a ClickBank product by putting the affiliate link into tracking template and then the site name into...
  13. thehustler

    Regarding Keyword Research

    Hey got four queries on this: 1) If I'm about to start a Bing PPC campaign, do I take any kw suggestion from google's kw planner? 2) How many keywords should I upload for action for a PPC campaign? Saw somewhere online people saying to go for max 20-30 keywords and are saying NOT to overdo...
  14. thehustler

    How much time does Bing, AdWords and FB needs

    Hey, how much time does Bing, AdWords and FB need to start showing results like impressions, clicks, CTRs, and others in both new and old accounts? In Bing, it's been over 10 hours that my campaign is in green mode and running but no stats. Thanks in advance!
  15. B

    Why should I do after I get my first Clickbank sale?

    I just made my first sale using a clickbank product (digital) (not in a huge category like make money or weight lose) and bing ads. I’m promoting a very high gravity product , using a landing page with a bunch of information about the product. I was running 9 different ads with a lot of exact...
  16. B

    Maxbounty and bings ads

    Hi IAM new in maxbounty and run first ad and manual bid is 1$ does it's high if high which bid I need my keywords is earn money online
  17. P

    Looking For Affiliates For W+ Offer [Tiered Commissions]

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for new affiliates for my WarriorPlus offer launching on March 19th @ 10 A.M. EST The product is an e-book teaching step-by-step instructions to do a method of keyword research for Bing advertising that I'd estimate 90% of advertisers have no idea how to do...
  18. The Lone Wolf

    Voluum-Bing can someone answer a couple small questions

    Pfew setting this whole tracking up makes me feel like a noob all over again. I got a MB offer that I want to launch through Bing. I got all the tokens setup and it tracks the click but there are a couple things that I don't understand. So for direct linking: If I use my domain to redirect to...
  19. B

    De-indexed on Bing

    Hey, I have some friends who tried to promote the Super-Bowl yesterday, but they were de-indexed, can you help me to advise them to avoid that again ? Thank you !
  20. TheDanmit

    Leads Gate and tracking

    Dear Fellows, I need your help because I'm currently stuck and I don't have clue how to track at least keywords which lead to form submission at leadsgate. I have google analytics and bemob for use. I assume that such tracking should be possible with google analytics too but I'm not able to...