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  1. F

    How to spy on the ad settings of an ad campaign Google Ads of a competitor ?

    Which service or website can you guys recommend me? I saw somewhere that there are services or sites where keywords and advertisements are automatically selected, audit of an advertising campaign for Google Ads and recommendations for an advertising campaign Google Ads are...
  2. ayoub barghizi

    Google and Facebook For CPA Campaign ?

    Hi I have seen in most groups saying google and Facebook ads accounts are closed with CPA campaign Why is that? Is the cause of the problem in a CPA offer? Or advertising policies? What about your experiences
  3. IndeXer

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hi, I got accepted in @MarketCall and starting my first paypercall campaign, as this is my first ever paypercall campaign I need few pointers and tips. So far I see that Marketcall doesn't provide landing pages so its a bit expensive to get the landing pages. What I understood so far is, you...
  4. harnur

    Are Banner or Display Ad CHEAPER than Search Ad?

    I wish to promote CPA gaming offer, but CPC price of google/Bing ads(search) is too high, so i looking to explore display ads for promoting gaming offers. Are display ads cheaper than search ads? And which are the cheapest display/banner ads network that i cud use for promoting gaming offers...
  5. thehustler

    Is cloaker the only way for PPC ads?

    Hi, nowadays I’m seeing adwords and fb are more strict and they are even detecting popular cloakers. Some are still working but I think they would eventually get detected as well as big G and FB are constantly improving their systems. Cloakers cost a good fortune for starters like me and it’s...
  6. trackingdesk

    SEMRush PPC & SEO meetup in Tel aviv

    Hi Everyone, Semrush is organizing a meetup in Tel Aviv at the end of the month. Anyone in Tel Aviv interested in SEO and PPC will definitely get some great info out of these sessions. Details here disclosure: I am not associated with Semrush, but I'll be part of a panel discussion during the...
  7. thehustler

    Help on URLs in Google Ads

    Hi, I will be promoting a site via google ads and I’m a bit confused about the URLS. This is the site: 2 This is my tracking link: 16,000 Woodworking Plans & Projects - Ted Mcgrath — TedsWoodworking So, as I understand should it be like: Final...
  8. thehustler

    What kind of Ads do AdWords don't like?

    Hi, I read policy of adwords but still I hear time to time from people that their ads got declined even after following rules bla bla. So, wanted to ask your OWN experience on adwords on promoting certain niches and what things led some of your ads got declined? Also, I believe using cloakers...

    Google Ads Account Suspended due to suspicious behavior in the payment activity

    Hello friends, i am new to Google Ads. yesterday i have deposited $50 into my newly created Google Ads account. after 5-8 Hours Google Ads team send me below message: " " Note: My Google Ads account username is : ANJAN KUMAR DHALI and Payoneer MasterCard(i made payment from this card) Holder...
  10. JackySan

    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    A few years back, in my SEO days, I was following a blueprint from a marketer called VV He was showing how to rank for product names to make affiliate commissions from review blogs. It was super effective but I hated how much link building and maintenance it required. One day, I tried to use...
  11. thehustler

    No data with Bing KW planner and AdWords

    Hey, two things on this: 1) I just launched a Bing PPC campaign for the lovely people of Ireland. But I was having an issue with Keywords. Bing KW planner only has the location of Northern Ireland in the UK and NOT the whole of Ireland, so I asked the support and he said KW planner is only...
  12. thehustler

    Does Bing and AdWords allow adult affiliate products promotion?

    Hey, can I promote products from AdCombo/Crakavenue through Bing? I read their policy that if I want to promote adult stuff, then I have to fill in a form but I'm saying that these are not porn related stuff. These are offers from CrakAvenue and AdCombo. So, can I go ahead and start OR will...
  13. thehustler

    Regarding Keyword Research

    Hey got four queries on this: 1) If I'm about to start a Bing PPC campaign, do I take any kw suggestion from google's kw planner? 2) How many keywords should I upload for action for a PPC campaign? Saw somewhere online people saying to go for max 20-30 keywords and are saying NOT to overdo...
  14. thehustler

    How much time does Bing, AdWords and FB needs

    Hey, how much time does Bing, AdWords and FB need to start showing results like impressions, clicks, CTRs, and others in both new and old accounts? In Bing, it's been over 10 hours that my campaign is in green mode and running but no stats. Thanks in advance!
  15. thehustler

    Bing Ads and AdWords Account

    Hey, need to know that: 1) Can I have multiple separate Bing Ads and AdWords account on multiple outlook emails and Gmails? 2) I'm really having a problem integrating my card into Bing Ads. I think MS is noob lol. When I'm integrating the card, the processing and transaction of the small...
  16. TravelingAffiliate

    Support Google Ads Not Approved - Malicious or Malware Activity

    Hey guys. So I have a very frustrating problem. I am building a website, a very simple one. I mainly use him to create landing pages for different offers. Recently I have tried to set up a Google Ads for it. By my ads got disapproved because: Malicious, Malware or unwanted activity. I...
  17. Eric L Williams

    Adwords and Email Landers?

    Hey, hows it going people, I'm currently working on an ebook and I'm looking to build a list in the process and wanted to know if anyone knew If Adwords allows email submit landing pages? Any help would be much appreciated!
  18. Olesya

    Universal App Campaign - LINK

    Hi guys! How can I add an affiliate link to Universal App Campaign in Google Adwords?
  19. asmadeus08

    Ask Me Anything SEO/Adwords/IM consulting

    Hey guys and girls. I wanna make some good things for the bbhf community again. So now I'm ready to provide 1 test free answer about any question related to internet marketing or SEO/Adwords. So fell free to contact me and ask about it. Consulting only via skype. All other questions here or pm...
  20. Rad

    Looking For Best Locksmith Offer

    Hi Currently looking for the best locksmith offer so we can run it on adwords call-only. We have ready ads, keywords and campaigns to run this offer but we need the best possible payout ($10+) and the best possible coverage. I know Aragon has that offer, but there are few things I don't really...