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  1. Webmazon

    Google adsense denial

    Hi guys, I do have an adsense account for years and stopped using it, recently I wanted to use it on my new blog but got denial few times. As you know the google team never disclose the reason, I am asking for your expertise and experience to suggest or what do you think is wrong so I can...
  2. tedheywood

    AdSense Arbitrage 2019 - A Guide

    Hi Peoples of the Affiliate Fix, In my previous post I was accused of doing something I was not intending to do. I take my reputation extremely seriously. I Will Avenge My Honor! :) Without further ado a Value Giving Guide: So just what is AdSense Arbitrage? It is a way of speculating on...
  3. tedheywood

    Building Elite Adsense Arbitrage Group

    Hi Affiliate Fix Land, I haven't posted here for some time. That is because I've been on a quest to find an internet marketing vehicle that can yield HIGH RETURNS! I believe that after years of searching for it I have finally found it. **ADSENSE ARBITRAGE** Here are the facts! Most IMers...
  4. Matheus Calixto

    AdSense Alternative

    Hello, I need an alternative site like adsense, responsive banners and paying for views and clicks. I need this site to accept small sites with a reasonable view. (Sorry for the english, it's google!)
  5. I

    Low Adsense CTR

    Hi I have a low Adsense Ctr on my website, I tried splitting testing ad placement the niches that I'm working on are very competitive. traffic source is Facebook thanks.
  6. Jones GR

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot. 1. Setup Plugin Settings Create new...
  7. no2pencil

    Google Agrees to pay $11 Million to Suspended Adsense Account in Class action Lawsuit

    [Full Story] Is this anyone here? This happened to a friend of mine years ago on his YouTube channel.
  8. james3322

    Is it harmful to ignore Adsense Policy Violation on a website page ?

    Daily i get 2-3 adsense policy violation, if i ignore them would it affect on a adsense account ? or they will only disappear ads from that section ?
  9. M

    Adsense Arbitrage Using Facebook Ads

    Hey fellows , i started viral website and thought that i can make money from "traffic arbitrage" but i failed and here's how i did everything : 1-i installed viral wordpress theme and customize it . 2- added some articles like 3 things you don't know,top10 funny photos ,...etc . 3- i added my...
  10. rudra12

    Selling selling 400$ montly earning site 1ranksseo

    hello every one today i am here to tell you this that i am going to sell my site which give me every month 400$ or more and here you can see the video proof of that in the video i use paypal when i am selling so need to see my video Skype me rudralove122 now i am using bitcoin for selling my...
  11. EdwardNihal

    Best way to making money

    Hay guys! I'm new in all of this and i'm still learning about all of this. My question for ya'll is: which method is best for making money and why this method? (i know that all this depend, all is individually...) And i will put here some method and you complete which one i miss because i...
  12. james3322

    Review Best Advertiser & Publisher Network After Adsense ?

    Hey, i wanna know the best paying cpc publisher network after adsense & yahoo ?
  13. james3322

    What is Google RPM ?

    I am confuse what is that ? and how does this RPM help to increase CPC of adsense ? How to increase RPM.
  14. alvin_raj

    Page-Level Ads In Adsense Good or Bad?

    Hey Guys, Have you tried page-level ads of Google Adsense? If so, what is your experience? Using page-level ads increase the earning or not?
  15. Walid Chaki

    What is the effectice way nowadays to get your site approved by adsence

    Any ideas please share !!
  16. M

    adsense 70.97 CPC (USD)

    hello everybody i build i micro-niche website with adsense this-non English website in i found i keyword 70.97 CPC (USD) see the picture this is mean if someone is click in my ads i will get in click 70.97 CPC???
  17. Slogan

    I have a website with some traffic. How to earn Money

    I have 1 website about fashion an deals. I have from 10k traffics/mo and i wanna earn money from this site. Who can show me how to do that? I asked some friends. They said that" register a account to Adsence to earn $.
  18. moha16

    How do I increase my revenue ?

    i have site under 100k in alexa but earning from adsence and other netowork very bad help please this my analitics in 28 days
  19. X

    Looking for help about adsense application

    Hi, everyone Few days ago, i've applied the google adsense with my site url. The email i received says, Unfortunately, i can't create a new ad unit when i login in my account. The home page still shows my site is under reviewing, like this Anyone meet such a situation? Help me, plz!
  20. Kleponpink

    How to Start & Build Your Own Website (for Newbies)

    I want to share some first steps for building your website 1. Learning from other websites. It might take long to research from a few different websites. It can take days, weeks, or months until you find out the visitors that you target, the tone, and the language that you should use 2...