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Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Jones GR, Jun 5, 2018.

Do you want in-depth guide with exact landing pages and traffic sources used?

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  1. Jones GR

    Jones GR Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot.

    1. Setup Plugin Settings


    • Create new template
    • Rename template – Pinterest + Adsense Template (can be any name you want)
    • We want to show our landing page to high CPC countries – US, UK, CA, AU, NZ (full list of country codes)
    • Set Referrer trigger to – pinterest.com
    • Set ‘Show Template’ to – 1/24 (visitors from Pinterest will see the landing page once per every 24 hours)
    • Done – Press Save Settings button

    2. Landing Page:

    Below you can see the main concept of the landing page and Adsense ad layout, keep it simple and clean. Make sure to set Adsense ad color scheme same as Pinterest color scheme. Remember to add “Continue to site” or “Read More” link to blog post, so the visitor could read the whole article!

    #1 Layout Example
    #2 Layout Example

    We have received many questions about how the landing page should look, what elements to use, etc. There is no simple answer for that, you need to test and optimize, but if you want to see the best results, keep everything as simple and clean looking as possible.

    You can use our free drag & drop template builder, but it is not mobile responsive, so will not work well for mobile visitors.

    If you need help creating a landing page, send us a message: Display Custom HTML Landing Pages and we will build a responsive (Bootstrap) landing page for free.

    Traffic Flow:
    1. Pinterest visitor clicks on one of your Pins
    2. They get redirected to your blog
    3. GeoRequest displays custom landing page instead of your normal blog post
    4. About ~%10 of visitors will click on Adsense ad unit, just because it shows “Arrow”
    5. You make money!

    Our Results:


    These results are not just from Pinterest, but also from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and other traffic sources. The concept works for all of them.

    If you want to scale it up, use Native Ads from, such as MGID, Content.Ad, RevContent, etc.

    Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us

    Also, Check Out GUIDE On How To Do Email Marketing Campaign For Free, Using Google Forms

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  2. Voluum
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Bloody Tourist Affiliate AffKit Ninja affiliate

    Nice guide and clever plugin!

    But why would you use adsense and not a cpa offer?
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  4. Jones GR

    Jones GR Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Exactly, you can use the plugin for different methods and offers.

    "GeoRequest plugin is mostly used to cloak social and paid visitors by displaying custom pre-sale landing pages (e.g., traffic arbitrage, e-commerce campaigns, youtube marketing, mobile cpi, etc.)"

    Most of our customers are doing traffic arbitraging with Adsense. (thanks to higher ROI)

    Your shared HTML landing pages Free Download: 120+ Landing Pages would work great with our plugin! :)
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  5. Dreamer

    Dreamer Affiliate affiliate

    1. About ~%10 of visitors will click on Adsense ad unit, just because it shows “Arrow”

      Is this against TOS, I mean, too many people will click NOT on propose and "red flags" will show in adsense...? Or I am wrong? Thanks.
  6. Jones GR

    Jones GR Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Yes, of course, you have to make landing page complaint with TOS of Adsense (have terms & privacy pages, etc.), but speaking about CTR, that's not an issue, at least have not been for us, otherwise, the majority of "VIRAL" sites would not be doing similar (brightside.me, diply.com, etc.)

    If you don't feel comfortable using Adsense, you could use CPA, Native Ads, or any other ad network.
    Adsense is the biggest and best paying in terms of CPC. Therefore we receive much much higher ROI with it. ;)
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  7. vkwapka

    vkwapka Affiliate affiliate

    Showing ads w/o content is not allowed in Adsense. Your a/c will be banned soon.

    You can try Native and CPA.
  8. Jones GR

    Jones GR Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi vkwapka,

    GeoRequest plugin is a cloaking tool, that is used to ONLY show custom HTML landing pages based on set triggers (referrer, location, cookies). Only when one or multiple triggers match, custom HTML will be displayed. It is not supposed to be used to show for all blog/site visitors.

    Landing page examples in the thread have an illustrative purpose, meaning, we do not use the exact templates. It's more to show a layout of ad units in a way to receive higher CTR.

    Speaking of content, of course, content is needed in order for ads to even show because Google scans content for relevant keywords and displays relevant ads. On your blog post, you need to have good, keyword rich content, but on a custom landing page, you don't need to have a "long articles".

    Based on our experience so far and our community input, text from 180 - 350 words on the landing page is good enough for Google to be able to show relevant ads and not break terms of use. The main thing to consider is META tags. Google needs meta title, keywords, and description much more than text on a page and they use those values to pass relevant ads. (Google officially says they do not consider meta tags as 'ranking' input for SEO, but for ads, they do. We and our customers have tested it.)

    Just for comparison, here is Forbes high CTR landing page :) (Yes, they probably have some special treatment from Google), but still, almost no content and ad unit is below CTA button.


    I agree, for those who do not want to use or cannot use Adsense, Native Ads and CPA is a great alternative.
    Possibly much higher CTR with native.

    Finally, monetization depends on traffic source you use. You cannot use pop-under ads together with Adsense, or even with CPA if that is prohibited in offers terms.

    Hope this explained a bit more in details :)
  9. akash15785

    akash15785 Affiliate affiliate

    How much you did spent to get that result..??
  10. Jones GR

    Jones GR Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey Akash,
    You don't have to spend money if you use free traffic (Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.) and can scale up later with paid traffic. On average our customers have ROI of ~ %300 - %600 for paid traffic. (spend $100 and earn $300 to $600). Some are doing better than others, it all depends on landing page and source you are targeting.

    For our results, about 70% of revenue is only from free traffic sources and we spent no money on traffic. For paid campaigns we ran, average ROI was a bit less than %500. ;)
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  11. JamesMerritt

    JamesMerritt Affiliate affiliate

    Very interesting idea, I have done several similar in the past. Any chance you could hook me to any of your sites so I can work the flow that you have set?
  12. Khanh Nguyen

    Khanh Nguyen Affiliate affiliate

    What platform do you buy traffic from? Does pop traffic work for this?
  13. kurtbeka

    kurtbeka Affiliate affiliate

    That's a great methodes but did you can make a video of that step by step because i don't know how i make a landing page and put it in pintrest if you can i will be very gratful
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  14. pmncosmetics

    pmncosmetics Affiliate affiliate

    Hello sir. Thank you for the sharing post. I have a question: Why did you set only 1/24? Setting higher value will make your impression more and maybe there will be more clicks.. or you just wanted a highest CTR?
  15. Nanette

    Nanette Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds cool for me
    I'm not that advanced
    What helps me is watching YouTube videos several times
    Thank You for posting:):)
  16. iHunt

    iHunt Affiliate affiliate

    When are we going to get a thorough guide? I like the OP but there’s more to be desired. Still not sure what’s being explained as a new user. Thanks.
  17. Akeentech

    Akeentech Affiliate affiliate

    How do you help me verify my Adsense account? I have requested for the pin more than 3 times all to no avail thanks.
  18. awesomesauce

    awesomesauce Affiliate affiliate

    Did your adsense account get banned at the end of this? Seems like the earned amount quickly declines and doesn't seem like it's going back up soon.
  19. elsa

    elsa Affiliate affiliate

    Is this still working?
  20. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello, does it work now?
  21. cascad0r

    cascad0r Affiliate affiliate

    GeoRequest website isn't working, also I can't use all plugin's functions.