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  1. A

    Should I move my content to a new domain?

    Hello all, I have dabbled with website development learning different skills for almost 3 years now. Life gets in the way but the costs are low currently so I am not quitting on it. 2 years ago I grabbed an expired domain and I have been building out content on it slowly. I do not have any...
  2. I

    Seeking Help Can I use Pinterest conversion ads to promote ClickBank products?

    Hey there, I hope everyone is doing okay. I want to try to promote ClickBank products with Pinterest ads. I have a couple of questions that I can't find definite answer to anywhere. First, am I allowed to link the ads directly to my hoplink? People say yes, but they also say that redirects...
  3. Honeybadger

    How can I find a list of bots that auto re-post?

    Is there a method to find lists of social media accounts (from networks listed below) that have scripts set to automatically re-post specific tags? Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Pinterest
  4. G

    I am beginner in Affiliate Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I need guidance for affiliate marketing. Although i am started affiliate marketing but not earning. So, i need help in that. Please do let me know, I am a new affiliate marketer here. Through which product i can start my sales without having any expertise in particular product...
  5. S

    How to track clickbank sales use Pinterest ads ?

    i use Pinterest ads promote clickbank offer , i use landing page . But i have a problem , Pinterest ads can not tracking the right conversation from the sales . I can not put the pinterest pixel on vendor checkout page . How to track the sales ? What i should do ?
  6. Gennaro E Turco

    Anyone need help with social media marketing?

    Good day! Social Media Marketing has been my specialty in my overall marketing experience, in several different industries and niches, for 10+ years now. You remember MySpace? Yes, that's about when I started, Make it a GREAT day! :):cool: * EDITED BY ADMIN :affiliatefix: *
  7. Jones GR

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot. 1. Setup Plugin Settings Create new...
  8. Stencil

    Official Pinterest Webinar {FREE}

    A few days ago, there was a Webinar where Pinterest got interviewed by Tailwind. Should answer quite a lot of questions, so I thought i'd share it. There were a couple of other webinars, but these were not made public and not sure if and how I can share them here. either way, enjoy.
  9. Kiki Yiu

    How to grow follower on Pinterest

    Hi, I have trouble to grow followers on Pinterest. My website is a woman online clothing site and my Facebook followers already reached 50K, Instagram follower reached 20K.But the Pinterest only have 300+ follower. I have tried to promote my Pinterest board on Facebook, putting keywords and...
  10. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything How to validate ad spaces in social media and YouTube

    admitad has a tool for the validation of ad spaces on popular social networks and YouTube channels. Now if you add a profile, community or social media application as your ad space from social media or a YouTube channel, you’ll have to validate that you own it. This update drastically...
  11. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything How to use affiliate links in Pinterest

    Pinterest is sure that businessmen and bloggers need a reliable way to share high-quality content. So how can we use Pinterest to earn more in admitad? First of all, you need an account at Go to the homepage of this social service and sign up in mere minutes. Then for your own...
  12. Lina2310

    How to fix Pinterest?

    Pinterest does not download pictures I have already reinstalled the OS - it did not help. Sometimes I go and everything shows, but more often nothing. What could be the problem?
  13. Bob Tom

    Looking For Looking for Social Media Experts of FB, Twitter and Pinterest

    Are you a skilled social media marketer and confident to boost the social engagement (Like, Share and Comment) on either one of FB, Twitter or Pinterest? If you are, please contact us via for more details.
  14. healzer

    Selling PinBotAI - An intelligent Pinterest automation tool

    Sales page + AFF_FIX discount Download + trial/demo + installation guide PinBotAI tutorials Terms and Conditions
  15. Albertomax1

    Find the best hashtags to drive engagement

    Anyone familiar with Ritetag? o_O RiteTag: Find the best hashtags For posting on social media it gives stats and suggestions for most popular hashtags that will potentially generate the most views for your posts. RiteTag tells you which hashtag is more likely to be seen and used by others...
  16. iamthecoolnerd

    The Pinterest Affiliate Ban is Dead

    Most performance marketers will remember last year when the popular image sharing social network Pinterest banned affiliate links. Many Pinners lost significant amounts of revenue because they were no longer able to include affiliate links in their posts, which is how they were earning their...
  17. M

    Pinterest for Affiliate Marketers

    I am a writing a thesis on Pinterest and affiliate marketing as a part of my business administration studies of which conducting a research is a part of. I have created a short survey of less than 30 multiple choice questions. Filling the survey takes only about 5 minutes. You can answer the...
  18. azgold

    Some Free Pinterest Tools

    I don't know about you but I find social stuff incredibly time-consuming, so using tools to make the job easier just makes sense. The right tools can also produce better results. To that end, here are some tools to help you with your Pinterest marketing. All of them are free or have free plans...