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  1. I

    native ads2021

    Hi affiliatefix family waht is the best traffic source for Nutra/health ads ? thanks
  2. Anna Voluum DSP

    7 Advertisers’ Mistakes to Avoid

    7 Advertisers’ Mistakes to Avoid by Katarzyna Glondys Read here TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Getting Discouraged Quickly Not Making Use of Documentation and Guidelines Not Double-Checking your URLs and Set Up Putting Quantity Over Quality Just Repeating what Others Do Promoting too Many...
  3. mary_galaksion

    Do you want some free and tested creatives?

    Several months ago we decided to give our precious advertisers something that many of you asked for and that no other advertising network had. Tones of campaigns and positive reviews after we are 100% sure of the effectiveness of Galaksion Creatives Base. Now any advertiser launching his ad...
  4. Deus

    Squeeze page

    Is it important to have a landing page before your affiliate link on native? From what I read you can get away with a lot more on taboola or outbrain than on facebook. Or is it just a thing necessary for getting better conversions?
  5. Targeleon

    Targeleon Native CPC

    Good day! We welcome you on our platform: We offer a bonus for the first top up. More than 200+ GEOs. Different Targeting options.
  6. RyanOak

    Journey to $10.000+ per month with Native Ads

    Hello, I decided to open my Journey thread to help others and get help from you guys. And hope it will motivate myself and others as well. A bit of my background you can read on my Success Stories and Bragging thread. I first heard about native ads 2 years ago from this guy. I wanted to try...
  7. Laimonas

    What Native ads management tool are you using?

    Hi everyone! :) I was wondering what tools are you using for native ads management? And why? Please let me know in the comments below.
  8. Cecilia.WANG

    Hi Everyone who are looking for Asia traffic

    Hi Everyone, I'm Cecilia, from Baidu which is one of the top advertising company globally. Based in Singapore currently. Of course we are the biggest search engine in China, but besides keywords, we do have quite high volume of connected traffic thru multiple regions: in Asia we have Line...
  9. harnur

    Do we have PUSH ADS expert here?

    so, I have been doing push ads for a few days...and I have a couple of questions regarding it. 1. Is there a daily fluctuation in ROI while using push ads? (the way pop ads fluctuates 50% - 400% each day) 2. Do we have to change the Landing page and creatives, that the same user...
  10. DailyAffiliate

    Nutra Ads with Taboola (HELP ME OUT)

    Hello, I have been trying to get my Nutra campaign live on Taboola but they are rejecting it saying "Prohibited Content". The same type of campaigns are running for over 6 months with the same landing pages, how are they making it work? This campaign will be run in India only. I would love...
  11. A

    [ADVICE NEEDED] Got Sales, Now What?

    Hello Everyone, I launched my ad campaign using native ads(revcontent) today and already have received 2 commissions! However, I have no idea of how to track and optimize my campaign. I want to know what ads are creating the sales and how to recreate things in the future. Generally speaking, I...
  12. A

    [ADVICE NEEDED] Revcontent Compliant Landing Pages

    Hi Everyone! First post here. I just got my ad campaign approved on Revcontent(took 7 days lol). However, I want to make some changes on my landing page. I want to rephrase some things and link to a different VSL. (Health/Fitness niche) Will this prompt my content to go through another...
  13. PropellerAds

    Native Ad Widgets - new ad format by PropellerAds

    Hi guys! Recently we've launched a new ad format - Native Ads. Native Ads or Native Widgets are content widgets placed at the most viewed parts of the webpage. Each Native ad has these two elements: Title (up to 65 characters) Image (492 x 328 px; jpg or png) 

Pricing Min. bid for...
  14. harnur

    Why am i FAILING in native ads?

    Hello, I have been spying/replicating/duplicating/copying some native ads copy that have been running for 26+ days, i have ran 3-4 offers, spend around $300-$400, but i still haven't made a single penny in affiliate commission. Why isn't it working for me? Till now i was promoting Clickbank...
  15. harnur

    Do we have any Native Ads(Outbrain) Expert here?

    i use outbrain, in outbrain there any way to know which website/audience/category or attribute my competitor is targeting? Which websites my competitor has whitelisted/blacklisted in his targetting? I am already using spy tools, but they don't have this feature. How can i find it?
  16. LewisRichmond

    Different between Contextual and native ads

    Hi, i'm confuse between this 2 traffic sources, contextual and native ads. Can i know what is the different between these 2?
  17. Dinosawrex

    Dino's Native Ads Journey

    After a lot of trial and error in the different ways of money making online, Including FBA, Dropshipping, Clickbank, CPA Lockers etc. Mostly only breaking even. After I Starting my own SMMA Business, I started to see how most of these things were done the right way. As of right now, I've...
  18. Jones GR

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot. 1. Setup Plugin Settings Create new...
  19. PropellerAds

    [WEBINAR] Join PropellerAds - "Native Push Notifications: A Guide to Effective Advertising"

    Hello guys! Why have Native Push Notifications become the new favorite tool of performance marketers around the globe? The brands and affiliates are spending more money than ever to navigate through all the informational noise, surrounding a customer. PropellerAds is giving you an inside scoop...

    Announcement [Webinar]"How to Optimize Native Ad Campaigns" by & MGID

    Hello guys! Interested in buying and tracking native traffic? Or struggling to analyze the efficiency of the existing native ad campaigns? RedTrack and MGID teams invite you to join our webinar “How to Track & Optimize Native Advertising Campaigns” on April 25 at 3 PM (London/ Lisbon time)...