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  1. R

    Outbrain CTR & Bidding Question

    Hey everyone, So I just started a new campaign on Outbrain using VoluumDSP and started out bidding a bit too low for CPM I think on a $50/budget on "Smooth." My CPM bid was 0.53 to start in a suggested bid range of 0.23-1.53. My Win Rate after a day's worth of spend was 34%. I got 303,000...
  2. Jones GR

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot. 1. Setup Plugin Settings Create new...
  3. Navid

    What CTR & CR are aiming for your landing pages and what do you do meet your goal rate?

    Hey guys & galls 1) On your landing pages what CTR & Conversion rate are you aiming for (so you optimize until you meet the rate you are looking for) 2) what steps do you take to increase landing page CTR & CR (Conversion rate) Appreciate your help!
  4. Mr.Z

    What is your CTR?

    Hi guys, Just like in title, I'm curious what CTR are you usually get with your landing pages? I run PPV traffic on ZeroPark for mobile sweepstakes and tried quite few landing pages cloned from AdPlexity and I usually get hardly 1% CTR with them, sometimes even 0.5%, which seems crazy low to...