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  1. tedheywood

    AdSense Arbitrage 2019 - A Guide

    Hi Peoples of the Affiliate Fix, In my previous post I was accused of doing something I was not intending to do. I take my reputation extremely seriously. I Will Avenge My Honor! :) Without further ado a Value Giving Guide: So just what is AdSense Arbitrage? It is a way of speculating on...
  2. tedheywood

    Building Elite Adsense Arbitrage Group

    Hi Affiliate Fix Land, I haven't posted here for some time. That is because I've been on a quest to find an internet marketing vehicle that can yield HIGH RETURNS! I believe that after years of searching for it I have finally found it. **ADSENSE ARBITRAGE** Here are the facts! Most IMers...
  3. I

    Low Adsense CTR

    Hi I have a low Adsense Ctr on my website, I tried splitting testing ad placement the niches that I'm working on are very competitive. traffic source is Facebook thanks.
  4. Jones GR

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    As you may know by now, with GeoRequest WordPress plugin, you can display any HTML landing page based on referrer. So in this guide, we will show you how to display Adsense ads on the landing page and receive high CTR %5-%10 on complete autopilot. 1. Setup Plugin Settings Create new...
  5. Uliana Moreva

    What are ROI, ROMI and ROAS?

    In the most affiliate campaigns you can find such KPI as ROI , the success of the campaign depends on that metric. But that is not the only option that used by an advertiser to check the real effect of the campaign, there are such metrics as ROMI and ROAS. In this article we will discuss all...
  6. M

    Adsense Arbitrage Using Facebook Ads

    Hey fellows , i started viral website and thought that i can make money from "traffic arbitrage" but i failed and here's how i did everything : 1-i installed viral wordpress theme and customize it . 2- added some articles like 3 things you don't know,top10 funny photos ,...etc . 3- i added my...
  7. Bloody Tourist

    Who bought the KALLZU software by Chris Winters?

    Just curious guys... I got some e-mails and pm's from Affiliatefix promoting this KALLZU software/coaching program, about Pay Per Call Arbitrage. The e-mails have claims about newbies making $3000 in 3 weeks, etc. So I was wondering who of you bought this and how much money you're making? I...