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Adsense Arbitrage Using Facebook Ads

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by mikyadel, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. mikyadel

    mikyadel Affiliate affiliate

    Hey fellows ,
    i started viral website and thought that i can make money from "traffic arbitrage" but i failed and here's how i did everything :

    1-i installed viral wordpress theme and customize it .
    2- added some articles like 3 things you don't know,top10 funny photos ,...etc .
    3- i added my adsense placement one is sticky sidebar i know it's illegal but my adsense account is really old and i think that would be cool .
    4-i made facebook page and runs some ads here are my results :
    -one campaign -PPE US - 2 different articles 3$ ( i stopped it after a day as i get like .20 per engament
    -one campaign -link clicks ALL europe 3 different articles 5$ it's not that bad i had .01$ /click
    -one campaign-some europe countries -link clicks -some intersts added using audience insights
    no bad but i see that viral articles need more wide audience

    that's all good but the problem is adsense CTR it is almost 0 ! i put ads before and after "next button" . then i changed theme to another one and put ads in position that i know it's illegal but it suppose to give at least 5% CTR , nothing my best CTR is .02% . what can i do ? i'm really hopeless !!
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Lina2310

    Lina2310 Affiliate affiliate

    Difficult problem, you can reset the screenshot of setting up ads, perhaps there is a problem.
  4. Stacy001

    Stacy001 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I have the same ad placements and a very low CTR. Did you find what was the problem?
  5. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Is it possible that adblockers are keeping your ads from being shown?
  6. Ackerman5

    Ackerman5 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey, I also faced the same problem with Facebook ads. Please suggest me some solution.
  7. anas hanine

    anas hanine Affiliate affiliate

    i faced the same but after a while, i knew the problem.

    first u have to know where the traffic coming from is from mobile or desktop and i'm sure is from mobile.

    second ur ad size is for mobile or desktop and as u said u put a sidebar ad and one before next button might that one is 720*90 right?

    so if the traffic coming from mobile and ur ad size for desktop is normal to have a low CTR and low CPC you have 2 option to solve this even target desktop only or target mobile and put ad size for mobile.

    i hope that was helpful to u
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  8. JamesMerritt

    JamesMerritt Affiliate affiliate

    Dont bother with arbitrage sites. Once you start making money, adsense will ban your account due to excessive ad or poor user experience and facebook will ban your links in a heart beat