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  1. M

    Seeking Help Seeking For Help As A Facebook Intermediate

    Hello fellow Affiliates, I hope you're all doing well. I consider myself an intermediate in Facebook Ads, and I am eager to embark on the journey of affiliate marketing using Facebook paid ads. If any of you have a proven strategy and a comprehensive guide to share, I would greatly appreciate...
  2. P

    Blocking free paid ads

    how can i make paid ads on facebook, preventing the profile from being blocked? I advertise an e-book with healthy recipes, but I'm afraid Facebook will understand it as a product that offends people I don't understand much about contingency, but I know something. could someone help me with...
  3. Zeydoo

    Guide Facebook traffic: everything you need to know to start

    Working with Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult, but still many media buyers keep spending thousands of dollars on different verticals. In this article we’ll have a look at the different ad formats that facebook has, what material you need for launching ads and what verticals have the...

    Announcement AdFlex | The Advanced Ad Intelligence Tool | FOR FREE!

    FAQ How do I register? Simply visit Under “sign up”, register using your email. Done! How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks? You can select the affiliate network you're looking for in the "Marketing" category and find ads that are sending traffic to that...

    What are the most profitable niches for 2022?

    I have seen many affiliates ask for the most profitable niches for 2022, so decided to post a thread about it: Based on the 2022 trend, these two are among the most profitable niches: Health, Fitness, and Self-Care Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, with...
  6. S

    Looking for solution or ideas for FB Ads Ban

    Hello guys, I need help for Facebook because I am going crazy on it. I run a 7x ROI business thanks to FB, business is based on betting (location:italy), i know betting is against FB policy but everything worked well because we built a system for lead generetion which did not talk about betting...
  7. koka12

    Fb Ads

    Hi, I'm still beginner, How can I analyse my fb data campaign? what should I read in metrics? can you help me to analyse that ?
  8. C

    Tips for high converting facebook ads

    My Facebook ads are not having a nice click rate lately, while my my sales page is great. It's all about ads - for some reason they're not good at all, and here's why I would like to get some tips to improve my ads and copy as well.
  9. parveenk2013

    How can I increase my FB Ads daily spend limit?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to know how can I increase my FB ads daily spent limit? Right now it's only $50 per day for the new account, Is there any way to increase it faster? Or how long does FB takes to increase it? I want to scale my campaigns and it's becoming an issue. Any alternate solution...
  10. Dolphin_Support

    ✅ Dolphin{anty} - a modern antidetect browser! -❗️10 free profiles for everyone❗️

    We present to your attention a modern antidetect browser - Dolphin{anty}⚡ ❗Reliability and convenience are the main postulates of the developers. That's why we won the market leadership in less than a year after the release. The user survey clearly demonstrates this! ️ Reliability - continuous...
  11. Anoice

    Question about Clickbank

    Hello , i'm trying to add my Facebook pixel to clickbank to promote products as an affiliate but there are some fields that I dont know how to fill, can someone help me out ? I searched for it and this two fields marked with a red arrow were not there before, so i'm unsure about what I should...

    Review Where to buy Facebook accounts

    In a separate article, we have already written that Facebook accounts are different. These can be autoregs, brutes, real user accounts, or cloud accounts. A separate criterion is how much the account is warmed up: how many activities the account has, how long ago it was last used, etc. On the...
  13. Honeybadger

    Free Paid Marketing Full Course (10 hours)

    I subscribe to Simplilearn on You Tube It just posted this free video course about paid advertising No signup it's all on You Tube, 10 hours long I have no connection apart from being a subscriber Simplilearn have 900,000 subscribers So it is legit channel

    Tips & Tricks for Facebook Conversion API

    Hey! There have been so many issues with Facebook Ads these months, I bet we are all pretty tired. However, our team at RedTrack has been working hard to create content and solutions to help our fellow marketers out and tackle the most common problems. There are 2 news we would like to share...

    Review Main mistakes in running Facebook ads

    We've rounded up the top mistakes that affiliates make when launching Facebook ads. Before launching your ads, check your ad campaign with the blocks below. Wrong budget allocation Before launching large-scale ad campaigns, test the effectiveness of your ad on a small audience with a small...

    How to customize the Facebook pixel

    It's hard to imagine a situation where an affiliate who works with Facebook doesn't use a social network pixel. What is a pixel, why is it needed and how to set it up, we will tell in the article below. What is Facebook Pixel A pixel is a special code that collects information about visitors...

    Review How to choose a proxy

    We have previously written that for affiliate marketing it is important to: Mask the real data of your connection. The data of the connection must look like the data of a real user. To do this, you need to use an antidetect browser and proxy. With their help, from one device, you can...
  18. I

    Follow along - Facebook ads with clickbank

    Hi guys! This is my first month as an affiliator, didn't make any money yet but I'm not giving up and improving every day. So, I currently have 2 campaigns running, one in astrology niche with $5/day budget and the other in woodworking niche with a $12/day budget. Both are running under the...
  19. Honeybadger

    PPC: Should I ignore Google Search in 2021?

    Need new traffic source in 2021 Know almost nothing about You Tube ads (just 95% irrelevant ads) Maybe in 2021 will just do You Tube ads? Really target for customer intent search about product Customer search --> 'how to trim nostril hair?' My product --> Nostril hair trimmer video Is it good...
  20. Suci Jane

    Is there any nutra advertiser?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are staying healthy and safe:). I represent our affiliate team to look for some direct nutra campaigns to monetize our facebook traffic. Currently we are running keto and ME/ED offers mainly in but not limited to CA, US, UK, DE and FR geos. Both Latin America and...