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Building Elite Adsense Arbitrage Group

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Hi Affiliate Fix Land,

I haven't posted here for some time.

That is because I've been on a quest to find an internet marketing vehicle that can yield HIGH RETURNS!

I believe that after years of searching for it I have finally found it.


Here are the facts!

Most IMers rely on organic traffic.

They will maybe spend some money on content creation, but they will NEVER spend money on content promotion.

And the real money in IM starts when you pay for traffic.

And the only time AdSense Arbitrage really works is when you spend money on traffic.

So, the way I look at it, this business model has one of the highest barriers to entry, eliminating all beginners and most people in the middle.

My research tells me that there only about 200 real sites like BuzzFeed that belong to roughly 50 companies that are in this game.

The way I look at it, the competition is rather low.

Therefore, If you are one the individuals who are in the mid/high tiers of the Internet Marketing game, you are in a unique position to take advantage of the AdSense Arbitrage Business Model.

I know that some of you reading here are probably saying, "Dude, there are better business models out there for making a living."

My response to that is "Maybe you are right, but there is a difference between simply making a living and PRINTING MONEY."

I am tired of mediocrity, and I am tired of simply making a living from IM.

Don't get me wrong, not having a job and making your own schedule is AWESOME!

But I think it is time to move on to a much LARGER project.

I have personally witnessed companies and individuals make mid-7 figures in annual profits from AdSense Arbitrage.

While an average annual stock market growth is about 8%, I have personally achieved returns of 20% a month with AdSense arbitrage and I've seen some go up as high as 40% a month.

So why the long rant, you ask?

I came to a realization that being a lone soldier will only get you so far.

If you don't surround yourself with a support system you will NEVER reach greatness.

So, in a nutshell, I want to build a mastermind group.

A group of people who are mid to high level of experts in AdSense Arbirtage/IM.

I want us to come together (like that Beatles song), share our experiences and elevate to GOD MODE LEVEL TOGETHER!

This is the reason I am starting an Elite AdSense Arbitrage Group.

I want us to create The Bible of best practices for:
  1. Building up Slideshow Sites
  2. Creating Slideshows code to increase pageviews
  3. Getting approved by AdSense, Taboola, Outbrain, etc.
  4. Diversifying traffic
  5. Having anti-fraud technology on your site
  6. Minimizing AdSense Account Banning
The list goes on.

I have personally figured out how to overcome a lot of these obstacles (and I don't mind sharing) and I am hoping that the group's combined mental power will fill in the blanks for every single one of us.

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Interested would love to go further then adsense too and monetize with amazon and cpa as well with the traffic

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So why would you try and recruit our members to take them off site instead of forming the mastermind here in the community?

Seems very selfish and self serving to be honest.

You have been a member since 2014 and your last post before this was 4 years ago. Now you show up and try to bring our members into your funnel disguised as a mastermind.


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