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Making + $3276 for 21 days with Male Enhancement [TH]. Push networks > Dr.Cash

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Dr. cash, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Dr. cash

    Dr. cash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    How is it going, AffiliateFix?

    Today we publish the case of one of our publisher.
    This guy made more than 3k$ for 3 weeks driving push traffic on Thailand. Check it out:

    Case study: + $3276 in 3 weeks on male enhancement ads targeted for Thailand

    • Affiliate program: dr.cash
    • Offer: ACE - COD - (CPL)
      [*]Geo: Thailand
      [*]Traffic sources: Megapu.sh and Datspush.com
      [*]Time period: 1.03.19 - 20.03.19
      [*]Budget spent: 2412$
      [*]Amount earned: 5688$
      [*]Profit: 3276$


    To start with, I already drove traffic to this offer last December (13$ per valid lead). The testing went well, but the actual campaign performed badly. Perhaps, the competition was too strong. I even lost a bit of money, and then moved on!

    It took me a while to find an offer to drive traffic to. Having talked to my account manager at dr.cash, we came to the conclusion that the ACE offer (with payment per valid lead) was still pretty much alive and not that popular among other affiliate partners at the same time. Well, the first shot at ACE didn't bring profit last year but having decided to test it again, I just had to make some money on it... When you're paid for each valid lead, it's a good opportunity to make some cash, but I was confused by the fact that there were already some success stories with $12 per valid lead. I thought the audience of push notification networks was already tired of this offer and it was hardly possible to make any more profit on it.

    I found previous translations in Google docs (by the way you don't have to think about translations if you're dealing with dr.cash, your manager will always help you with that). Without hesitation, I used the creatives that always worked in Asia and went ahead.

    I started testing the Megapu.sh traffic first. I used some old bundles for split testing and added some new prelanding and landing pages that I liked.

    There were 6 prelanding pages:
    • 6472 + 3.2 CM | Men's Health life
    • 6089 I want | Blog
    • 5307 After having sex with my husband | Blog (3)
    • 5303 Sex for 3 hours | Blog
    • 5302 Warm Color | Blog
    • 5301 Premature ejaculation | Blog

    And 4 landing pages:
    • a-13 / a-11 / a-8 /a-2

    I used the teasers that had already been tested in other countries:

    Erectile function

    • Header: ภรรยาถึงกับช็อคกับขนาดของผม
    • Text: ทางเลือกธรรมชาติเหนือไวอากร้า!

    Penis enlargement
    • Header: บวก 5 ซม. ใน 2 สัปดาห์ ...
    • Text: ต้องการมีองคชาตใหญ่ยักษ์ ...

    It keeps surprising me that penis enlargement teasers work so well for erectile function offers!!! [​IMG]

    I used this creative:
    Then I started monitoring the statis and disabled the feeds and prelanding pages that didn't work.

    I spent 247$ and got 15 leads worth 180$. It wasn't that bad for a test. It was Friday and I knew that conversion rates weren't that good on weekends, so I paused the campaign until Monday. On Saturday, I got one more lead!


    On Monday, the best bundle became obvious.

    I went ahead with this bundle and kept driving traffic: landing + prelanding (a9 - 6157)

    By the end of the week, I had the following numbers. Budget spent:


    In the Affiliate Network:


    It wasn't that bad. I was making some profit but there were problems with optimization, there were few feeds left and I couldn't generate enough traffic. I couldn't convert the Megapu.sh traffic into leads! I simply couldn't generate enough traffic! I wrote to the support and they told me to use another image. I did it twice! You may ask why I didn't use other creatives. Well, I tried another campaign but it didn't produce a single lead


    Then the weekend came and I stopped all my campaigns.

    On Monday I talked to my manager. He said the results weren't actually that bad and suggested using other traffic sources. I remembered about DATSPUSH. However, my previous experience with it wasn't great - I couldn't generate any leads.

    I decided to give it another try though and used the working teasers and bundle: see the bundle above [​IMG]

    I came up with 5 creatives. My balance was 30$:)

    I just didn't expect they would generate so much traffic. It was as though I was the only one who targeted Thailand. I spent just $30 and generated as many as 7 leads [​IMG]


    I only used DatsPush from 12.03.19 to 20.03.19. 3 creatives out of 5 brought the main profit.
    I stopped the other 2 before I started losing money on them.

    Here's how much I spent:


    Dr.cash stats:


    I spent 1622$ and generated 380 valid leads which made me 4560$!!!

    Here are the full stats from Dr.Cash:


    The main thing that I realized is that if the offer is good then it will live for a long time. Never give up after the first testing attempt! All the best to you guys!

    Dr.cash thanks the author for a wonderful Thai case! Subscribe to our facebook page or telegram channel to stay up to date. Contact your account manager if you wish to get access to CPL offers! Have a nice and profitable week everyone!

    P.S. If you work with SS/Trial USA offers, please contact via skype: drcash.support, we have some good direct offers for you.
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  3. gusta

    gusta Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I launched a similar test run on 2019-04-17. I will share the results with you all.
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Great -- start your own journey thread when you have some results to share with us ;)
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  5. beda45

    beda45 Affiliate affiliate

    Great results
    This type of Traffic seems to be good for work
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  6. Davekit99

    Davekit99 Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome results, impressive
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  7. Ridzuan Richie

    Ridzuan Richie Affiliate affiliate

    ive been wondering too. im promoting offer of free products and some cheap price product. but its not converting. im using datspush.

    my partner promoting drcash using mgid, promoting the same type offer. but sadly no conversion.

    we are targeting Russia.
  8. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    You all need to learn to properly optimize your funnels. Dr. Cash actually talks about scaling and dropping specific attributes of the campaigns. Some of you were comparing the OP's case study to your own campaigns for Russian geo's and then complaining about your results. You cannot complain and call the OP's results crap because you didn't get the same results running in a different geo and especially if you did not do the same split testing noted by the OP.

    Wake up guys, there is a lot of important data, little golden nuggets, in the OP's case study here, and I am sure that those of you that tried it didn't do the split testing, targeting, or use the same creatives.
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  9. Kajin

    Kajin Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, what you wrote here is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing your progress with the forum people. In fact, I'm even a little jealous, as you've shown very good results, good for you. Keep on going this way. If it was me, I wouldn't use a picture like this, better reconsider.
  10. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    thanks for sharing this case study with us @Dr. cash
  11. abrahman

    abrahman Affiliate affiliate

    Really very interesing
  12. pingimedia

    pingimedia Affiliate affiliate

    I'm not sure how you managed to promote landings with very nude images on MP?
    Can someone explain a bit
  13. Dr. cash

    Dr. cash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Thanks, everyone for kind words! We are happy that you like the case study and hope it will inspire you to experiment

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