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  1. popcash

    Mondiad - Push Notifications Traffic Network | CPC

    Greetings to everyone here at AffiliateFix community! Today we are proud to finally unveil our long-awaited platform, following almost a year-long period of tests and improvements, based on our previous knowledge in the field with our popular pops network PopCash. Please meet.. Our new...
  2. Galaksion Ad Network

    Official Space roi to everyone!

    and Hi there! This is exactly what the Galaksion advertising network always wishes to our advertisers, webmasters, and to all the Affiliatefix Forum users! Over the past 7 years, we have successfully developed, increased the volume of direct traffic from more than 160 GEOs, collaborated...
  3. iMonetizeIt

    *CASE STUDY* |$747 Profit| on iMonetizeIt IVR Dating and Sweepstakes offers from Push

    Hi everyone, today we want to share work of our partner with IVR offers. They’re quaite new at Dating and Sweepstake verticals, so the result was remarkable for him. I took Geo Tier 3-4 and sent traffic from these countries directly to IVR Dating offers, for campaigns I selected 3 locations...
  4. A

    Push networks with minimum bots for dating?

    Hi everyone, I've recently started working with push-traffic for dating vertical. I currently works with Evadav push-network as a traffic source. Unfortunatelly, I've noticed that there are a lot of bots here, and the same thing I read very often in several chats/forums. I'm using only SOI...
  5. IrakliC

    Case Study from Kadam: ROI 40% on Push-Notifications, Norton antivirus, and the USA

    Case studies on tier-1 countries always attract attention. We couldn’t pass by this fact, so that’s why we share the story of an advertiser who launches the traffic on Norton antivirus in the USA and Canada. In less than a month he earned 105 260 rubles (about $1350). How it was? We give him a...
  6. IrakliC

    Africa, cryptocurrencies, push-notifications: how to earn $1235 in 3 weeks

    Moving from Financial Brazil to Crypto-South Africa. In this case study, the advertiser didn’t miss the opportunity to play on people’s desire to get rich. So, he actually didn’t and earned $1235 in 3 weeks. Read below to learn how. Offer: Bitcoin code (CPA) Period: 26.08-15.09 TS: Kadam...

    Affiliates Wanted mVAS Recommendations

    Guys! We have great news for you. These 5 Mobile Content offers are doing amazing and still have caps available! Chile is our most stable GEO. We have many Entel offers that have been converting for 5 months! Right now, Salfate 47274 is the top converting one! South Africa is one of our...
  8. IrakliC

    Case: how to earn $2755 for a two week on a Brazil and Finances

    Hello there! We have an interesting case study-experiment about 2 payment models: CPC and CPA Target. Our advertiser has been promoting a finance offer on Brazil and earned $2755 in 2 weeks. Click below and read in which cases better to optimize campaigns manually and in which cases better to...
  9. S

    Maximizing your revenue

    Hi everyone, My name is Sid and I work at Pushnami As a newbie to Affiliate Fix, I wanted to hear if any of you all have hit your revenue goals with channels such as pop, display, etc
  10. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  11. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Required APK Android Traffic ~ Big Budget

    Hello Folks, Urgently looking for APK Android traffic for Geo : IN . Live reporting available. Feel free to contact me here or over skype
  12. SuryaJ

    Ready to launch new campaigns? Ezmob - Best Verticals | Min Deposit | New Features

    Hello fellow members, We are always pleased to announce the latest updates in our platform, Ezmob has recently launched its brand NEW self-serve interface, allowing our advertisers a variety of new features we've added based on our user's experience. What's NEW with us - • Variety of...
  13. zeropark

    The Zeropark Push Traffic Cleanup & How It Doubled Push ROI %

    Hi guys! We’re starting this thread to let you know about some major changes to our push traffic inventory. Based on our previous experience, and due to the dynamic nature of the affiliate marketing industry, we realize that every type of traffic requires a bit of cleaning and optimization...
  14. Lana Kova

    Selling Traffic [Selling] A lot of Push Notifications traffic available.

    And by lot... We mean... A LOT. Hello there. Seeking for new Push traffic sources? Clickadu has a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic available: India - 590M Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC VietNam - 133M Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC France - 53M Daily Impressions...
  15. A

    Push traffic to MaxBounty, 0 conversions, HELP

    Hey AF members! I've tried running some push traffic from Datspush to 2 separate offers on MaxBounty. Followed the suggestions of both offers wrt geos, type of traffic etc. The offers I ran were InboxDollars and SafeBreath Pro Mask. With InboxDollars, I got some epic CTR as well - 40%, but did...
  16. B

    Push Ads DSP

    Are there any push ads DPS's that you would recommend?
  17. Noviclick

    Noviclick Introduction

    Hey Guys, After months of hard work we can proudly announce the launch of our new traffic source Noviclick. We have merged all the pros and cons of the dozens of traffic sources that we have worked with in recent years to create the perfect solution for ourselves, and hopefully others. * Some...
  18. Victoroff

    New push settings

    Has anyone tried on-page/in-page push?
  19. harnur

    Do we have PUSH ADS expert here?

    so, I have been doing push ads for a few days...and I have a couple of questions regarding it. 1. Is there a daily fluctuation in ROI while using push ads? (the way pop ads fluctuates 50% - 400% each day) 2. Do we have to change the Landing page and creatives, that the same user...
  20. 50onredmike

    RTXplatform - Push and Pops | Retargeting is Live

    I wanted to let the Forum know that we now have retargeting available for our Push CPC and NewTab PPV traffic. Here is a link that reviews the functionality and how to set it up in your account Retarget audiences who have previously visited your site if you do not have an account yet, Get...