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push networks

  1. PushHouse


    Push.House is an advertising network that cares about your profit and high ROI! It also presents accurate and unique tools for working with traffic to all its users, namely: ➡️ -Two popular formats for working with push traffic (In-Page push, Classic Push). ➡️ - Over 15 tools for your...
  2. IcyAds


    IcyAds is an advertising platform for affiliates, ad agencies, media buyers, and ad networks to reach their marketing goals. Combining the best technology and years of experience of our team, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We have huge supply of Push, Pop...
  3. Galaksion Ad Network

    Galaksion Advertising Network

    Galaksion is an International Advertising Network that sells traffic received directly from website owners. We do not work with resellers and can guarantee high quality due to a proprietary anti-fraud system and solid traffic quality assurance standards. Pump your profit with CPA pricing model...
  4. A

    Push networks with minimum bots for dating?

    Hi everyone, I've recently started working with push-traffic for dating vertical. I currently works with Evadav push-network as a traffic source. Unfortunatelly, I've noticed that there are a lot of bots here, and the same thing I read very often in several chats/forums. I'm using only SOI...
  5. I

    Trying to get into push notifications

    Hey guys, Relative begginer in gambling aff marketing. i m saying relative bc i ve been doing it with some level of success for the last 6 months, mainly doing email + SMS blasts, and it s been working way better than I have expected. As I ve started it to give an aditional boost to my income...
  6. S

    Maximizing your revenue

    Hi everyone, My name is Sid and I work at Pushnami As a newbie to Affiliate Fix, I wanted to hear if any of you all have hit your revenue goals with channels such as pop, display, etc
  7. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Required APK Android Traffic ~ Big Budget

    Hello Folks, Urgently looking for APK Android traffic for Geo : IN . Live reporting available. Feel free to contact me here or over skype
  8. SuryaJ

    Official Ezmob: Launch Floating Push Ads!

    Hello Members, Have you ever tried Floating Push? EZmob now have it! Go ahead and try Floating Push starting only from $0.003 CPC! What is a Floating - push ad: "Floating push Ads look similar to push notifications or native ads. They integrate into the users' experience while they browse...
  9. Adskeeper

    Selling Traffic AdsKeeper Official Thread - Bonus inside

    Hey AffilliateFix Community, We are happy to announce that AdsKeeper Team is starting its official thread here! No chit chat - only REAL cases, practical advice, and insights on native and push advertising. Stay tuned for exclusive offers from our partners such as top affiliate networks and...
  10. harnur

    Do we have PUSH ADS expert here?

    so, I have been doing push ads for a few days...and I have a couple of questions regarding it. 1. Is there a daily fluctuation in ROI while using push ads? (the way pop ads fluctuates 50% - 400% each day) 2. Do we have to change the Landing page and creatives, that the same user...
  11. 50onredmike

    Collect Push Subscribers $ Get Paid

    I want to invite all of you to check out You can use our code to collect push subscribers as a publisher on all your HTTPS sites. This will give you the ability to be paid as a publisher as well as send push notifications to your own user base for free. Let me know if you have any...
  12. cpagoose

    Test: the BEST push-affiliate programs

    Hello! I would like to share the results of my test. I was sending traffic through a tracking system, distributing on four push-affiliate programs, and landing pages were with the best conversion rates. Participants: Daopush — no ref Zpush — no ref / ref Redpush — no ref / ref Realpush — no ref...
  13. AdOperator

    Operate Push Traffic at Ease

    AdOperator provides advertising services for affiliate marketers, ad agencies and direct advertisers to gain user activity, build new audiences and increase conversions across mobile and desktop devices. Our main ad inventory push notifications and native-in-feed (Coming soon!) advertising...
  14. Dr. cash

    Making + $3276 for 21 days with Male Enhancement [TH]. Push networks > Dr.Cash

    How is it going, AffiliateFix? Today we publish the case of one of our publisher. This guy made more than 3k$ for 3 weeks driving push traffic on Thailand. Check it out: ___________________ Case study: + $3276 in 3 weeks on male enhancement ads targeted for Thailand Affiliate program...
  15. RichAds

    [Case study]: Nutra Conversion with RichPush push notifications

    Push traffic: GEO: TWN Vertical: nutra I’ve used RichPush on the nutra vertical. I’m more than pleased with the results, so I decided to share this case with you. I chose a hair care product offer. Standard creatives: before / after. I set the bid to $0.02 and tweaked the...
  16. Alistair Vermaak

    Best Push Networks in 2019

    Hi There Everyone, New here and new to media buying. After reading through a LOT of posts, I need to ask! Which are the best push networks that have the lowest ammount of "junk" traffic? I know they all have to deal with "Fake or Bot" traffic and they all have filters in place. It's also...