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Best Push Networks in 2019

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Alistair Vermaak, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Alistair Vermaak

    Alistair Vermaak Affiliate affiliate

    Hi There Everyone,

    New here and new to media buying. After reading through a LOT of posts, I need to ask! Which are the best push networks that have the lowest ammount of "junk" traffic?

    I know they all have to deal with "Fake or Bot" traffic and they all have filters in place. It's also our responsibility as media buyers to filter out junk to get our campaigns profitable, but when you have a limited budget, you want to make sure you waste as little as possible when starting out on the media buying journey.

    My focus is mobile and push notification traffic. Does anyone have a list of the top 5 or top 7 Mobile push Networks?

    I see there are hundreds of new networks popping up all the time and everyone claims to have the best traffic - Right!!??

    I'm just trying to filter the chaff from the wheat here.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. Voluum
  3. awesomesauce

    awesomesauce Affiliate affiliate

    Most networks that sell push traffic have low amounts of bot traffic due to the nature of the traffic.

    There are a lot of 'ad networks' that are reselling each other's traffic though, so that's something to look out for.
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    What data and for what places do you have available?
    You have to be able to whitelist based on some type of hard data IMHO.

    No way can "GEO" work for a diverse large country like the USA or even India or China. That is a fallacy -- perhaps good to use for language ...

    In the US on a intra-city level (e.g.; areas in NYC, LA [even medium sized CSA, MSA]) I am finding huge variances, apart from the obvious (bad part of town).
    So, look to KYC loosely applied -- GEO, Browser sorting is very limited toward improving CR rates really.

    Mobile commerce is increasing substantially with the caveat that the purchase amount is considerable less compared to desktop purchases. So consider that too. Smaller money amounts along with easy mobile app payment methods as compared to accepting credit card and alternative for desktop.

    I am applying socioeconomic data -- not to discriminate necessarily but to target the right markets, of an appropriate demographic, that might have an affinity towards the item or targeted ad media I want to sell.

    If I want to use MMO, Survey or marginal credit services I don't want to be targeting the best part of town where people have money to burn -- I want to offer those people luxury cars, insurance, investment, higher end e-commerce <<<you get my drift?

    It's not only the ads but also what is to be monetized is what I am saying.

    What awesomesauce is referring to is that; much traffic is remnant sold through the major traffic exchanges -- this is where networks trade off and acquire much traffic.

    Push traffic is in method just like pop-overs of years ago -- annoying has hell already :p
    It does get the website visitor's attention however.

    You need to know the traffic source by domain to do any serious filtering and that sort of filtering either takes a lot of assumptive guesswork or a lot of known data about the website's traffic patterns. Hiding the source by some id code is a give-away that it is remnant or junk traffic IMHO.

    1. Have some realistic basis to target or whitelist.
    2. Offer the right product to the right segment.
    3. Have good hard data to apply to achieving the above 2 points ;)
  5. zeropark

    zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    We know that you know about us, but still want to chip in and say, that Zeropark has all the filters in place, plus the team dedicated to extra filtering out the traffic.

    What we can offer, which is not mentioned in the @Alistair Vermaak's post, is a help with the initial whitelisting. Just leave a message to our support at [email protected] with the request, and we'll try to allocate and send the appropriate traffic for you. It can help you out saving some money on the traffic with the low potential of performance for your offer.

  6. Alistair Vermaak

    Alistair Vermaak Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks @Graybeard been through a couple of your comments on a few threads before I posted one of my own. Your comments offer logic and if people pay attention to what you say, can greatly impact their learning curve.

    Noted your comment and will keep in mind when setting up new campaigns.
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  7. Alistair Vermaak

    Alistair Vermaak Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks @zeropark. I will pop round sometime soon. I have a few push networks I'm beginning with. One campaign at a time. Building profitable campaigns take time, testing and constant monitoring for fluctuations in traffic quality and ROI.