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  1. M

    Content for increasing website traffic through link building

    Hello people. Check out my content to increase website traffic through link building Please click on the image for the link and open it in a new browser
  2. WarQQ

    Help me understand what kind of traffic source it is?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to affiliate programs.
  3. Bruno Semedo

    Forum as a Traffic Source

    Hi, I just wanted to know if a Forum can be used to drive Traffic, depending on the niche that the Forum is related to? Or does it depend on Forum's Policy.
  4. donyassine

    Traffic source for videos download website

    Hello, I have a new video downloader website, where can I get the best-interested visitors for my website?
  5. SuryaJ

    Official Update: New Advertiser Self-Serve @ EZmob

    Dear Affiliatefix forum members, We're happy to announce that over the past week we have launched a newly designed and fully features advertiser self-serve interface that was built by taking much of your appreciated feedback into consideration and focusing on what we do best in order for your...
  6. TacoLoco

    Official TacoLoco - An advertising network from LosPollos. Extra large servings of high quality traffic!

    Hi everyone! After very successful private testing, we are now publically launching our new ad network with exclusive traffic: TacoLoco. Push subscriptions are ready, with new ad formats launching in the coming weeks. What's on the menu: in house resources with the highest quality traffic...
  7. M

    Newbie issues

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Affiliate World. Im starting off with in-app CPI offers for iOS and Android through my traffic source. My verticals are gaming, dating, gambling. I’m not using a tracker at the moment but I’m having difficulty getting conversions. Like “0”. At this point I’m not...
  8. rose@bluefriday

    Greetings from China! Hi this is Rose@BlueFriday

    sorry guys this thread is being edited, please view other posts.
  9. Deeptanshu

    Places to Get Traffic To Your Blog

    It’s actually a very simple formula. Step 1: Find out WHERE your target audience hangs out online. This could be specific websites, forums, Facebook groups, Pinterest Group Boards, email newsletters, etc… Step 2: Once you identify where your people hang out online, it’s simply a matter of...
  10. harnur

    Need [HELP] with Pop Up - Pop Under Ads

    I am new to pop/pop under ads. I have certain questions to ask. Even if you know answer to even 1 question, please do contribute. 1. How much should i spend on a particular website, before blacklisting it? I had got 1000+ views on my landing page but got 0 conversions, shud i blacklist it? 2...
  11. O

    What is a placement in push notification traffic sources?

    Ok, so this one is bugging me for some time now and i was unable to find the detailed answer, i come from the pops and native ads traffic and its perfectly understandable that in that traffic type, placement (or site id, or source) is a website where the ad is shown. But what about push? its...
  12. Brijesh Soni

    Looking Quality Traffic - CPI, CPA, CPL

    Hello Members, We are Looking quality traffic for CPI, CPA and CPL Campaigns. We have direct max 2 hope campaigns. Geos: Tier1 & Tier2 US, UK, IN, JP Payment terms: NET7 - For very high volume or premium NET15- For average NET30- Standard terms If you have quality traffic lets connect...
  13. Alistair Vermaak

    Best Push Networks in 2019

    Hi There Everyone, New here and new to media buying. After reading through a LOT of posts, I need to ask! Which are the best push networks that have the lowest ammount of "junk" traffic? I know they all have to deal with "Fake or Bot" traffic and they all have filters in place. It's also...
  14. M

    Where to get deals for media buying?

    Hello All, I am trying converting pops from long time but not profitable yet. I am planning to run banner traffic now and I have two questions regarding banner traffic 1: Can anyone pls suggest DSP/traffic sources (with decent targeting levers (URLs, Category). I am looking for DSP which are...
  15. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge+MegaPush=trusted relationships!

    Recently we added the new traffic source, on our trusted templates! Being a user of, you may get a 25% off on AdsBridge tracker! Use promocode - MegaPush25. Soon we will update you with the detailed users guide about how to set campaign with
  16. RealFire Delivered almost 80% False Traffic!!

    Hi Guys, Got an issue with my campaign on megapush. I created a campaign, targeting mobile users from United States. After maybe 2-3 days, I checked the campaign on my tracker. I'm shocked!! most of traffics and leads came from outside US !!!! Crazy!! So, I paid $$$ for false...
  17. Fabius_N

    How to Spy POP Campaigns Manually?

    Hey there, Does the question be, How to Spy POP Campaigns Manually? I mean using Google search or other free tools Thank you so much for your attention :)
  18. Gbenga Johnson

    Buying Traffic Winterplaystudios Traffic Source.

    Hi there is this new Traffic source based in Canada called winterplaystudios they are kind of new but they look reliable and effective, they bring traffic to your website depending on your plan and they have a $2000 plan to bring 600k visitors to your website per month. They use Keywords and...
  19. LewisRichmond

    Traffic type q&a

    Hi, example this offer abc don’t allow Email and search traffic. Question 1: I create a landing page and send email newsletter to subscribers. Subscribers click on the link in the email and go to landing page. From landing page users click the link and point to offer abc url. Is this allowed...
  20. Chris Porter

    Does anyone have any luck with Facebook Ads for Affiliate Offers?

    Does anyone have any luck with Facebook Ads for Affiliate Offers? I have paid into Facebook ads and never really got any good results, but when I advertise on Facebook for free I can generate an easy $7,000 a month revenue with a high converting offer If you use something else that converts...