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  1. Abraham DiGiAff

    Affiliates Wanted Need IN-APP Traffics for "QuickThought,Dfndr,ALT Balaji" Mobile App Offers

    Huge budget available on our Direct "QuickThought, ALT Balaji, Dfndr" Mobile App Offers. Looking for Quality IN-APP Traffics on CPI/CPA Based. If you have please contact us : Signature attached.
  2. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Need IN-APP Traffics for QuickThought,Dfndr,ALT Balaji Mobile App Offers

    Huge budget available on our Direct "QuickThought, ALT Balaji, Dfndr" Mobile App Offers, Looking for Quality IN-APP Traffics on CPI/CPA Based. If you have please contact us : Signature attached.
  3. ODP

    Ask Me Anything Looking for HIGH QUALITY mobile & desktop Publishers

    Hi there, I am a Senior Account Manager at GWM and i would like to make more money like everybody on this forum. I am looking for serious, professional publishers/media buyers with high quality desktop and mobile traffic for our worldwide offers. DM if interested
  4. Alistair Vermaak

    Best Push Networks in 2019

    Hi There Everyone, New here and new to media buying. After reading through a LOT of posts, I need to ask! Which are the best push networks that have the lowest ammount of "junk" traffic? I know they all have to deal with "Fake or Bot" traffic and they all have filters in place. It's also...
  5. G

    getting it right

    I am a beginner from a third world country. my interaction with affiliate marketing so far is amazing ,but it seems too complex and broad for my understanding. so, i need help on a step by step approach of getting it right including the necessary tools i might need. Thank you.
  6. M

    Best traffic sources to run banner ads for mobile offers?

    Hi, Looking for best traffic sources to run banner ads for mobile optimized offers. All the mobile offers will be from affiliate networks. What are your suggestions? Please share. I tried buzzcity. It gave me good ROI but it is not available now :(
  7. Nastia

    Mobile Traffic. Looking for traffic CPI / CPL / CPA

    Hello! My name is Nastia, I am looking for direct publishers who can provide high quality, worldwide traffic for our campaigns on CPA / CPL /CPI /CPR /CPE basis. NET30
  8. Trellian

    Selling Traffic Trellian ➢ Premium Traffic Source All Verticals | 200+ Geos

    Trellian Direct Search Network Experts in Direct Navigation Traffic ★ Since 2008 Trellian's premium domain redirect traffic has been the preferred choice among top affiliates, advertisers, marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide for over 10 years! All traffic is exclusively...
  9. Nongmaithem Archna

    Ask Me Anything Looking for mobile affiliates/traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for mobile traffic/affiliates who can deliver app installs - all geos but mostly US. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested. Skype: nong.devi
  10. Nongmaithem Archna

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Mobile Traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for mobile traffic for app installs, games etc., all geos. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested. Skype: nong.devi
  11. RealFire

    Need Mobile Interstitial/Full page banner for US

    Hey Guys, Lemme know if your network has mobile interstitial/full page banner ad unit and got volume for US visitors. My daily budget will depend on the performance. Recently i spent $50-$150 per day. Thank You
  12. malam

    Looking for adult pay per call offer

    Hey I have a lot of mobile traffic from usa I want to monetize those traffics. Please help me to find a good pay per call adult offer. Experts help me. Thanks
  13. Rob32

    Where can I find a high-quality mobile traffic?

    Hi guys! I am struggling with one thing for around 2 weeks. Can anyone give me an advice on how to find a good quality mobile traffic? Thanks!
  14. HilltopAds

    Selling Traffic HilltopAds traffic of the Week

    Greetings, affiliates! Are you looking for traffic? HilltopAds announcing hottest rates for desktop and mobile traffic for this week. Keep in mind that these rates are average in our system. You may request higher/lower rate depending on your offer and ROI goals. The guest star of the week...
  15. Helen Wingoads

    Buying Traffic We have top converting offers

    Are you looking for a network with top converting offers and best payout? Chat me up now for the best deal!!! CPA/CPI offers.
  16. A

    What are genuine and best Place for Buying Media for CPA offers

    Hi I want to know, which are the best media buying network for CPA offers, As i have tried PPC mate but could not get anything out of that. I want to try out some CPA offer basically MOBILE CPA. So need the best and not expensive network, which are providing these services. They should have...
  17. PropellerAds

    Hot Desktop and Mobile Traffic Opportunities

    Hello dear AffiliateFix Members! Are you guys ready for big profits? Now we will regularly share with you the list of hot trending desktop and mobile traffic segments, to help you scale your campaigns and to increase your ROI significantly. No need to waste time and to look for new advertising...
  18. Wap.Cash

    Review Wap.Cash - The best offers for mobile traffic working in 1 click

    Hi friends! Wap.Cash is a young and fast-growing mobile CPA affiliate network. The team consists of employees with many years of Internet marketing experience, which provides professional support and better conditions сooperation with partners. They always help you choose the best offer...
  19. Megan

    Looking for CPI/CPA traffic

    Hey guys! We are looking for global CPI/CPA traffic for our best offers. Please contact me for further information. Cheers!
  20. Megan

    Hello from RiTm Media Group!

    Hello guys! RiTm Media is looking for additional sources of global mobile CPI/CPA traffic. Please ping me on skype for further information. Cheers!