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Selling Traffic Trellian ➢ Premium Traffic Source All Verticals | 200+ Geos

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Trellian, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Trellian

    Trellian High Converting CPC Traffic Since 2008 Traffic Manager affiliate

    Trellian Direct Search Network
    Experts in Direct Navigation Traffic Since 2008

    Trellian's premium domain redirect traffic has been the preferred choice among top affiliates, advertisers, marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide for over 10 years!

    All traffic is exclusively provided by our domain investor platform Above.com. That means we control all traffic every step of the way, from the domain owner to your site. This ensures that traffic consistently meets our strict quality and relevancy standards.

    Watch the 1-minute video below to see how our traffic works and where it comes from:

    Trellian Direct Search Network at a glance:
    High quality, targeted CPC/CPV domain redirect traffic.
    Keyword & RON campaigns.
    200 million unique visitors per month
    Over 200 countries. All Verticals
    No competing content (ads/banners, paid/organic search results). Domain traffic redirected straight to your site.
    Domain redirect search users are deeper in the conversion funnel vs. users from traditional traffic sources. They have bypassed the research phase and are directly navigating because they know what they want and are ready to buy!

    Key Benefits:
    Lower search marketing costs
    Save time – No ad copy or creative, just your landing page.
    Get real, intent-driven traffic to your landing page
    High volume in many popular categories
    Real-time stats and conversion tracking available

    Please note: Trellian Direct Search Network's Malicious Use Policy forbids forwarding of traffic to URLs containing any form of malicious advertising, illegal content, or fraud and landing pages are regularly scanned for violations.

  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Svetlana Vorobyova

    Svetlana Vorobyova Affiliate affiliate

    Hi There,
    I'm looking for CPA traffic fro mobile subscriptions!
    feel free to ping me on skype: diana_10759