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  1. Lana Kova

    Official 26% ROI with Clickadu Push subscription

    Hey guys! Do you think push subscriptions can earn money? We are sure that they can, and that is what our new case study is about In this practical push subscription case study we've managed to get 26% ROI, and we are eager to share our experience! GEO: India (IN); Traffic type: Clickunder...
  2. AdsEmpire

    Ask Me Anything Case Study: How to get $600 per day on Dating

    An AdsEmpire partner wrote this Case Study as part of the case writing campaign. Any affiliate who wants to share their experience with AdsEmpire can do the same and receive a $400 bonus. The partner's name is not public; punctuation and spelling, screenshots and creatives of the author, are...
  3. AdsEmpire

    Case Study: How a dating Smartlink helps you earn over $4,000 monthly

    Hello everyone! In this article you can read an account of a case study from our partner. A small tip: if you want to find out about the bonus that everybody can get, there’s information about this down at the bottom. For over a year I’ve been working with a native traffic source. My primary...
  4. MyLead

    [CASE STUDY]: Legal way to promote thousands of movies and series

    Do you like watching movies and series? Are you a huge fan of Netflix & Chill? If the answer to one of these questions is yes, you should read the following text to find out more about earning with one of the original MyLead’s campaigns. Want to know what’s that all about? Have you ever...
  5. Roller Ads


    TOP TIPS TO RUNNING CRYPTO OFFERS Some people believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Some say it’s just a bubble that will soon burst and there are no two ways about it. But for us in the online marketing industry the most important thing to know about crypto is that it’s one...
  6. Niki Gray

    *Case Study* 19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto

    19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto What if I told you there is an easier way to make profit from Facebook? What if I told you, you don’t have to compete and run the same old offers everyone is pushing, but simply use one filter? Wait no more because that’s exactly...
  7. MyLead

    Learn how to get $972.72 in 31 days using Content Lockers and WOM Marketing

    Who wouldn't despise the amount of USD 972.72? Are you wondering how to make this money yours? It's so simple! It’s already at your fingertips - ready to be paid out and sent to you at any time. The amount mentioned above is the money Michael managed to earn. Do you remember him? Michael was...
  8. MyLead

    Case Study: How to earn $515.20 in 21 days with Content Lockers

    Think about that, you do one thing and the amount of USD 515.20 appears on your account. Wouldn’t it be nice? All of that is waiting for you right now. You only have to do some mouse clicks. Simple! Let’s talk about Micheal, who regularly promotes computer games. Michael has been dealing with...
  9. Honeybadger

    Case Study: Day in Life of Affiliate Marketer

    Normal day I earn $60 Today I set myself challenge $200 This is case study from when I wake up to sleep All steps I took (if you reading it today I will update all day) ..................................... Coffee :cool: Set earning target $200 today Google Trends (what happens in my niche last...
  10. IrakliC

    Case: how to earn $2755 for a two week on a Brazil and Finances

    Hello there! We have an interesting case study-experiment about 2 payment models: CPC and CPA Target. Our advertiser has been promoting a finance offer on Brazil and earned $2755 in 2 weeks. Click below and read in which cases better to optimize campaigns manually and in which cases better to...
  11. L

    Case Study Media Buy: How to be profitable with a $250 budget on any product.

    In this case study, we will give you our 10-point performance checklist and explain how to launch a profitable Media Buy campaign with only $250 budget, an Affiliate marketing offer, Adcash as traffic source and Voluum as optimization software. But you may be asking yourself; Why a case study...
  12. M

    Ask Me Anything How to earn over $40,000 for a month

    The most significant proxy of a great broker is how much the customers earn. Let us introduce you to our Affiliate of the Month — Patryk Kubacki His results for one month of trading made him 1st place. Get to know his story and let it be an inspiration for you: Patryk Kubacki — 35 years old...
  13. Idvert_Elaine

    Ask Me Anything How to Spy On Your Competitors & Setup a Profitable Ad Campaign Without Wasting Time & Money

    I bet you guys are tired of burning through your pocket, spending hard-earned money on FB Ads that end up not working, in this article, I'm gonna show you how set up a profitable ad compaign, which will enable you to effectively run Facebook Ads without losing your money – spy into your...
  14. PropellerAds

    [Case Study] Syndicate Casino + Push Notifications (ROI 100%)

    Hi everyone! This case study was written by Varun - one of the members of our Telegram chat. Why Gambling? Because high payouts and easy conversions are something, you won’t say “no” to. Check out the case from one of our affiliate marketers. In short Ad Format: Push Notifications Offer...
  15. Vlad_13


    Hi! I'm Vlad, i'm 28 and I based in Moscow. I have experience working in affiliate networks. Now I am fully engaged in affiliate marketing. I have been trying to make profitable cases. Perhaps soon you will see him on this forum.
  16. PropellerAds

    [Case Study] UEFA Champions League Final + Push traffic (ROI 87%)

    Dear partners, there is a perfect example of combining Push ads with Event targeting. Check it out and prepare your campaigns for future events! Traffic: Push Notifications Offer: Heineken Champions League 2019, Campaign period: April 4, 2019 – April 16, 2019 GEO: Brazil Spent...
  17. Evadav

    [CASE STUDY] How to get 350% ROI by combining Push Notifications from EvaDav and Gambling offers

    This is an example of clever usage of Push Notification in combination with Gambling offers. A truly crazy ROI was achieved by one of the clients of Traforet and EvaDav Ad networks. Here’s some info for starters: Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav GEO: UA, RU Campaign Period: 27/05/2019...
  18. Matt Jensen

    [CASE STUDY] Buying My Way To Traffic For My New Affiliate Site

    Hello guys! I tried my first affiliate site when I was 16. Half a year after I created the page I gave up as I didn't see many results. I made no money. Over the last 11 years I have tried a few times again, without any luck. Once I created a page where I let the domain expire. After it had...
  19. Lomash Kumar

    Affiliate Marketing Case Study $10,000 Per Month (Proof Inside)

    Here is the Affiliate Marketing Case Study $10,000 Per Month (Proof Inside)
  20. Dr. cash

    [Case Study] Making +$9736 easy-profit and 76% ROI with automatic bidder in Exoclick

    Guys, here we are glad to represent you the case of one of our partners. Here and after - author's content: Affiliate network: Dr.Cash Offer: ACE – TH (id 17353) GEO: Thailand Traffic sources: Exoclick Ad format: Banner + Native Time period: 1/1/2019 – 4/10/2019 Budget Spent: $12736 Total...