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Are You Using URL Shorteners for Your Offers?


Do you use a URL shortener service with your CPA offer or affiliate link as a way to make money? These are services that essentially display all types of ads to users, often with a timer, that provides a link or button to the destination page.

Search "URL shortener make money" to see what I mean.

Why not make your own custom landing page for your offers instead? Just add a link or a button to take visitors to the destination page. Cut out the middleman.

You just need to decide on the extent to which you want to display ads to visitors before going to the destination page. There are lots of options for ads, such as standard banners, a slide out, a sticky footer, a popup or popunder, and others.

There are many ad networks that provide links and code for you to use. However, you need to keep in mind some types of ads may be seen as abusive. Your ads need to be Chrome safe.
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If you want a short clean link just use a rewrite on your server.
You are right -- you should monetize your own traffic ...


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Well in general shorten links put advertisments when people click and maybe people get pissed of and they leave or you loose traffic .so i dont want to do this to loose traffic


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Most offers if you are using social media methods are screaming that links are bad or dangerous so URL shorterer is required


If you use Wordpress, PrettyLink is a great way to shorten your links. Plus it allows you to pass UTM variables which is super helpful