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  1. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official How to run HTML5 Banners affiliate marketing campaigns

    We are happy to announce that HTML5 banners are now available at ClickAdilla to increase your affiliate marketing earnings. Let's see how it works. Today we would like you to ask yourself: how do you catch the users’ attention? If you are not optimizing your advertising activities and continue...
  2. Mondiad

    Event Meet with us at Affiliate World Europe 2023!

    Meet with us at Affiliate World Conferences Europe 2023! We're counting down to one of our favourite industry events in the world and we're excited to meet many faces, both old and new. This forum has always been a great community of industry experts so if you happen to be there as well, we'd...
  3. Mondiad

    Official Mondiad - self-serve, global ad network: Push & Native ads!

    Mondiad submitted a new resource: Mondiad - Self-serve global ad network, dealing with push and native traffic, worldwide! Read more about this resource...
  4. TrafficStars

    Case Study $8000 on Nutra Offer with Native Ads in Malaysia

    Hey everyone! Ready to back to work after the holidays? Let's start 2023 with our new Nutra Case study. Nutra is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing. Nutra offers can bring great profits for a long time. One of our clients shared his experience with us. The author found a...
  5. F

    500k adults per month and unique traffic per month! I can get ads! (banner)

    Hello my friends! I can place your ads on my website with 500k unique adult traffic per month. (banner) It is issued monthly only. Contact: femaleak . com[at]gmail skype: bistneq payments: btc or paxum. note: almost all traffic is us, uk, ca and au!
  6. Julia

    ADxAD provide best solutions for advertisers and publishers

    Hey! ADxAD advertising network is looking for new advertisers and publishers. If you want to pour on the dailying, gambling and betting, contact our Sales Managers: Skype: live:bedf19409442a328 Igor Skype: live:.cid.7dbf96c0ff882070 Rustam If you have your own site and you need some traffic...
  7. Julia

    Ask Me Anything ADxAD Ad Network lokking for advertisers!

    Hey, guys! ADxAD Ad Network looking for new advertisers! ADxAD delivers highly converting traffic with flexible targeting. We offer traffic for several mainstream verticals: Gambling, Gaming, Dating, Nutra, Betting, Crypto and others. Our managers take a personalized approach to all customers...
  8. 19 Interactive

    Are you a Robot?

    I'm not! ;) Hi all, I'm here to introduce myself to the forum! I'm mainly here because I create ads for merchants and marketers and I want to learn as much as possible from both sides so that I can better fulfil my clients' needs. I'm also thinking of dipping my toes in the water and trying...
  9. harnur

    Are Banner or Display Ad CHEAPER than Search Ad?

    I wish to promote CPA gaming offer, but CPC price of google/Bing ads(search) is too high, so i looking to explore display ads for promoting gaming offers. Are display ads cheaper than search ads? And which are the cheapest display/banner ads network that i cud use for promoting gaming offers...
  10. Anastasiya UngAds

    This could be a life long coopeartion!

    Hello everyone! My name is Anastasiya. I'm a member of UngAds advertising network. Happy to be here and to have an opportunity to present you guys our service which can bring you so much profit ;) What do we offer? WW HQ traffic -banners -popunders -video -push notifications. ALL possible...
  11. FindMyDIY

    Are You Using URL Shorteners for Your Offers?

    Do you use a URL shortener service with your CPA offer or affiliate link as a way to make money? These are services that essentially display all types of ads to users, often with a timer, that provides a link or button to the destination page. Search "URL shortener make money" to see what I...
  12. AshiqDhaka

    Which Display Ads Works Good For CPA

    I am ashiq wants to promote CPA health offer with display ads via my squeeze page.Please give me some recommendation for it or suggest me some case study. I am totally new at banner ads.
  13. K

    Need Advice for Promoting Dating Offers

    Hi, I want to promote Dating offers using Traffic Junky and JuicyAds. Because of Low budget i can not afford web hosting for my own landing pages so want to direct link my offers. Also i don't have any 3rd party tracking software to optimize my Campaigns. I have created dozens of Banner...
  14. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything How do you tackle with 'banner blindness'?

    Hello everyone! What do You, guys, do to tackle with 'banner blindness'?
  15. MithunRoy

    Banner Ads

    I'm a new CPA marketer, I want to promote email submit offer from maxbounty through banner ads. so how I target my website for input banner. what is the full process? please help me I have only $20/30 budget.
  16. Dhruva06

    Buy Pop+Banner (mobile web) traffic via Self Serve Platform (DSP)

    Hello all, Adacts (India) has a self serve DSP platform for you. With over 10 pop exchanges and 15 exchanges integrated with us already and more coming soon! Grab this opportunity to get the traffic you need.
  17. shafi kasmani

    Simple Adclerks Banner Ads + Clickbank Product Guides

    You Know Buysellads, so it looks likes Adclerks! Adclerks are banner advertising ads! it is very low cost! you watch guide video below I purchased $10 per 30 days Reports Stats Days - 12 days Impressions - 7022 Clicks - 123 CTR - 1.75%