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  1. NickTrop

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie. My name is Nick Recently, I have been doing front-end development and web marketing.
  2. Aditya007

    [Introduction] Hey there...

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I'm Aditya from New Delhi, India. I've been into affiliate marketing since 2013, I started my journey with content lockers back then. I gradually moved to adult marketing using my social media traffic. I eventually had to stop when it became harder...
  3. B

    Script for browser back button redirect

    I am looking for a script that will redirect a site visitor to a page that I set when they click the back button in their browser, instead of going to the page they were on previously. I searched the forum and web but couldn't find a working code. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. FindMyDIY

    Are You Using URL Shorteners for Your Offers?

    Do you use a URL shortener service with your CPA offer or affiliate link as a way to make money? These are services that essentially display all types of ads to users, often with a timer, that provides a link or button to the destination page. Search "URL shortener make money" to see what I...
  5. FindMyDIY

    Don't Let Chrome Block Your Ads

    Do you use ad networks that are providing you with "anti-adblock" code to display popup or popunder ads to visitors? Displaying ads using this type of code is risking your website to be flagged as abusive by Chrome. If not now, then probably soon. What you need to do is show these ads in a way...
  6. HelenN

    What do you think about these tools?

    Hi there, I have just published a site about minifying html, css, javascript codes. It is here Minify and compress HTML, CSS, Javascript (JS) codes What do you think about these tools? Can it help website owners reduce size for their sites? Any thoughts?
  7. seangugerty

    Free Tumblr/Website Popunder script

    I had a bit of a time when I was beginning obtaining a quick and efficient popunder script that penetrates Chrome browsers block every time. But thankfully my affiliate hooked me up. I hope this helps some of you out! May the conversions be with you! The code you can store anywhere on your...