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  1. FindMyDIY

    Are You Using URL Shorteners for Your Offers?

    Do you use a URL shortener service with your CPA offer or affiliate link as a way to make money? These are services that essentially display all types of ads to users, often with a timer, that provides a link or button to the destination page. Search "URL shortener make money" to see what I...
  2. MikeOMallon

    Charles Ngo's Guide to Pop Traffic

    Hey All, I'm new here. Came across a great post by Charles Ngo so thought I'd share some notes I took on it to add a little value before I start asking for answers. So here's a brief summary of the steps involved in getting started with pop traffic: Set up your campaign on Voluum, the tool...
  3. S

    Mobile pops with pin submits/sweeps - Determined to make this work

    Hi everyone, After a few rough starts and negative roi campaigns, I've decided to post a follow along as I try to get some conversions and hopefully a positive ROI. I'll try to be as specific as possible about my campaign stats and I hope some of the more experienced members here can help me...
  4. W

    How does Paid Traffic source work ?

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the marketing field, and I'm a little bit confused. I'm willing to promote some CPA offers using Paid Traffic Sources, but what's triggering me is, how does those "Paid Traffic Sources" promote my offers? Are they using Popups,Banners...? What is exactly the Traffic I'm...
  5. Eywow

    Affiliates Wanted Viral Content Popups - High CPM Worldwide

    Hey, we are a viral content network, that helps publishers to monetize their visitors without annoying ads. Instead we are showing them relevant and exciting stories. This way publishers can achieve a better user experience, and increase their revenue at the same time. We offer a CPM of...