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  1. Premeier_ak

    How to choose an offer for advertising

    How to choose an offer for advertising Let's focus on what we have knowledge and experience. That is, what experience we have with the source of traffic and what we know about the country on which we will launch an advertising campaign. There are also other factors to consider: - your...
  2. PaidPoints

    Seeking Help Urgent Help Needed - Free $10 reward too.

    Hello everyone, Warm greetings to all of you. Please read in full. You can skip to the last paragraph, to see the offer. I have been an active member of this forum for years, and I am the founder of PaidPoints since 2019. I have been working to maintain and sustain this platform for many...
  3. Zeydoo

    Guide Before launching traffic: tips from Zeydoo

    , The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO. Tips on working...
  4. Adpump Global

    Official New Adpump Offers!

    Our monthly update on the newest offers that you can start working with now! From travel, to fashion to education – find which one you like and apply to it on our Adpump platform. Follow the link and apply to the offers now!
  5. Zeydoo

    Official Zeydoo: get +7% to your payout with our newest deal in 2023

    Waves of profit: +7% to payout for everyone who increases volume We start the new year with adding new perks for you to skyrocket your profit. Nothing extraordinary needed, just grow your volume and take +7% to increase your payout. In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to...
  6. YamiLeads

    Looking for Sweep Ps5 offer

    Hey all ;) We're looking for a Sweep PS5 offer GEO: US/CA Conv.type: СС-submit Write me if you have it Skype: live:.cid.61f595569bb3e20f :D
  7. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted Anyone with TURKISH traffic here?

    Hey all! PayV gladly announces its new arrivals: direct offers for Turkey. What makes them so special? The services we'd like to highlight today are high trusted around the country. Users love the and are open to install and use every day. Check them out! BILYONER First legal betting...
  8. MarketCall

    Guide: How to run Medicare offers with Facebook traffic

    Hey everyone! Today we're presenting the guide on how to run the US Medicare offer in Marketcall. We're releasing this case study in the middle of fall because from October 15th to December 7th is the season when US citizens can switch insurance companies and renew their insurance packages for...
  9. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Offer Wanted Anyone can Suggest Offers in any niche with Rev-share for FORESEABLE FUTURE?

    I'm into Affiliate marketing and i am looking for offers in any niche or verticals( private or direct-to-advertizers please) that run on revenue share per either sale/subscription. Even If its luxury offers that wont be bad as long as it is something good and relatable. Black/grey/white hat...
  10. bohdanwebb

    Network Wanted Where can i find offers S&P (NCC) for USA?

    Hi guys Could anybody tell me, where can i find (which aff networks) offers like S&P Amazon $1000 Gift card S&P Paypal $1000 Gift card S&P Visa $1000 Gift card NCC (National Consumer Center) - $1000 Amazon Gift Card and other with "S&P" and "NCC" in the name?

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM Carrier Billing Offers!

    Hey guys! As everybody knows, MOBIPIUM is one of the TOP Networks that comes up when you think about Carrier Billing and that's why we start this thread > To share our best selection! We'll be posting them once a week just to let you know where the money is!

    Announcement MOBIPIUM new E-COMMERCE products!

    Hey guys! Hope you are safe and healthy during these uncertain times. As you know, there have been a lot of changes in the industry and many more are coming up, be ready for that! What is not going anywhere is E-commerce, people are bored at their houses and usually end up buying stuff online...
  13. M

    Ask Me Anything How to earn over $40,000 for a month

    The most significant proxy of a great broker is how much the customers earn. Let us introduce you to our Affiliate of the Month — Patryk Kubacki His results for one month of trading made him 1st place. Get to know his story and let it be an inspiration for you: Patryk Kubacki — 35 years old...
  14. Alexey BUDARIN

    Looking for CPA offers Telegram akbudarin

    Thanks for welcoming
  15. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Offer me to run an ad network with Microsoft Ad Network

    Hello Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Kindly check that I have 50$+ on Microsoft ad network. I want to run a program where I can make some money. Kindly offer me some good offer with keyword program. Thanks masudbcl
  16. Marius Enache

    How would you monetize general entertainment traffic?

    Hi, How would you monetize a website that has very general traffic (entertainment)? I own a website that's getting most of its traffic from several social media channels. The traffic is starting to grow and I think it has the potential of reaching a good amount of volume in the future if I...
  17. Kendrick Liu

    Looking for Nutra offer & traffic!

    Greetings! If you have nutra offer or traffic please contact me via skype: Thank you!
  18. Phill AdsBridge

    One more place to get offers

    Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving holiday and survived Black Friday with Cyber Monday ;) We have some news to share. You know about our 8 smart links and they have become quite popular, to be honest. That’s why we decided to expand this direction and added a lot of new offers...
  19. B

    How can i get CPC Offers?

    Hello guys. Can you please let me know how i can get good CPC offers
  20. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Are There Truely 1-click Offers?

    I'd wanted to ask this, if there are truely 1-click-to-conversion offers? I have tried many of these offers in some networks before, and its not what its advertize that often happens. If its 1-click it ought to be and not any other way round. Anyone has this experience?