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web design

  1. S

    Can anyone help me pls?

    Hi this is Serena. I want to become a good freelancer for website design & development. I was looking out to start any project want to find some good web designer. Can you please give me some suggestions?
  2. Sdreatech

    What is the difference between Landing Page and Home Page?

    Do landing pages help to generate more leads or get more traffic? is it true?
  3. Wage

    Hiring Trustworthy & Hard Working Web Developer Needed ASAP

    I am currently seeking a trustworthy and hard working web developer that is familiar with modern technologies + frameworks, to complete a complex web application from scratch. This will involve AM, so prior experience will be lots of extra brownie points for you when I am choosing who to hire...
  4. Honeybadger

    What are your affiliate web design pain points?

    The purpose of this thread --> list all the things wrong with affiliate websites be fun if you add a GIF to your gripe Please share anything that annoys you regarding affiliate website design and performance idea is to fix our own affiliate sites happy customers = happy click thru rates
  5. S

    Coding the site with which program

    Hello How do I know what site a site is designed for? Thank you for your help.
  6. Claire Harbour

    Review Free Adobe Illustrator alternative

    Figma is a fantastic vector design application. It's a browser-based app (desktop versions are available) that allows team-based collaboration. It's a brilliant free alternative to Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. Check it out here: Some quick benefits: Can create banners...
  7. M

    Which keyword is more effective to get traffic on websites.

    Which keyword is more effective to get traffic on websites. I want to know in this convestion.
  8. Elisa Planellas

    Expert Content Writer - Experienced in SEO and Writing to Convert

    Hello All, My name is Elisa Planellas. I'm a content writer with 7+ years of experience. I got my start in SEO article writing and have since expanded my skill. Now I create a wide variety of marketing assets, such as presentations, ebooks, and websites (WordPress). In fact, I've played many...
  9. Ruby Jean

    What are the best websites to learn web design?

    Can anyone suggest best one ?
  10. Alangile

    What programs are used by web designers?

    What programs are used by web designers?
  11. Mcfranc

    I want to Offer FREE Wordpress Blog Design For the First 5 Persons

    Hello, My name is Franklin and I am new here. I have taken time to read lots of interesting threads here. They are really inspiring. I may be able to get started by offering a FREE service here. I am a web developer and I can help the first 5 persons here with a new wordpress blog design. You...
  12. WealthyAffiliateSolutions

    Hello My New Online Entrepreneur Friends

    My name in Jon Harte I am happy to be a part of AffiliateFix. Here is a little introductory into my background and why I'm here. My education with computers began in 2001 where I received a degree in IT - Multimedia. Found myself working for a private web designer not too long after...
  13. K


    Search Engine Optimization is one of the best tools under Digital Marketing, and if used effectively it will create wonders to your business. When we read articles online about SEO, the search engine would direct us to innumerable links with abundant information. We will definitely come across...
  14. Khurram Gul

    I'm Khurram, 35 years old

    Hi! My name is Khurram and im 35 years old. My passion is web development and web designing. have joined this forum community to enhance my skills and help buddies by sharing my skills related to said topics. You can join me here and properly ask any question on my following website. Hope you...
  15. S

    Spicetree Design Agency

    SDA is a leading agency offering a wide array of services ranging from design, development and digital. Our passion is derived from the broad requirements of clients that we deal with, helping us create solutions that match their requirement if not exceed them. Our experience in print designs...
  16. Chaze

    Selling Need an awesome landing page?

    I found an awesome template, you can see an example here: Organic Anti Ageing I can build a page like this with free hosting and a domain for year. All for $50 I would suggest getting a custom video from Fiverr for it. They run about $20. If you pay me I can do it for you. Use the form here...
  17. S

    Website Templates

    How to market the website templates?
  18. BMFDigital

    Web Design and Web Development services

  19. Ricardo

    Selling Web Design / Landing Pages / Development Service

    Hi everyone, I'm offering my web design services for your landing pages, websites, or any other project that you need. I've 15 years of experience doing this and of course I'm into affiliate marketing. If someone is interested or want me to show my portfolio, sent me a pm and give me more...
  20. scroogefrog

    Website design

    Hi, guys! Recently we change a design theme at our web-site and now it looks like the Landing page! So I have question what do think is it user-friendly? Do you get all necessary information? What do you think good and what is bad in such theme? What what would you change on it ?? Thanks, for...