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Hello My New Online Entrepreneur Friends

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by WealthyAffiliateSolutions, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. WealthyAffiliateSolutions

    WealthyAffiliateSolutions Affiliate affiliate

    My name in Jon Harte I am happy to be a part of AffiliateFix.

    Here is a little introductory into my background and why I'm here.

    My education with computers began in 2001 where I received a degree in IT - Multimedia. Found myself working for a private web designer not too long after graduating, getting my hands wet further in the field of building websites, thus learning a great deal more on the business aspect of web design and all SEO/SEM tactics. My fascination for how everything works together in a website is a constant flow in gaining new knowledge.

    Would you believe I have a full-time job? I'll tell you, having a full-time job in Warranty Management can be very stressful at times, dealing with over 240 customers (Hot Tub Dealerships from around the world), so balancing my life at home on top of building the online business was a bit tricky at first, but honestly anyone can do it.

    Why Do I Want To Help People?
    I want to see happy faces after helping people figure out their online business solution. This was one of the reasons for building this site. I want you to build a sustainable, online business that you are excited about. I genuinely care about the success one can have, if led in the right direction.

    All the best,

    Jon Harte
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  3. Julius Arevalo

    Julius Arevalo Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for sharing this! I work as promotional products consultant and been in the ads specialties industry for over 10 years..
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  4. charlez

    charlez Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome. If you'd like to chat or network, please refer to my signature.

    I love networking with like minded individuals!
  5. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Service Manager Service Manager affiliate