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  1. K

    Ask Me Anything 3 Habit To Avoid As An Affiliate Marketer

    Maximize Your Productivity By Avoiding This Habits As an entrepreneur time is one of the must valuable asset you have. It is also the most limited resources. So to maximize your productivity you need to have a good time management in place, which also involves giving up or avoiding some habits...
  2. koka12

    What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??

    What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??
  3. Lionel Johnson

    Entrepreneur In Affiliate Marketing

    Hi! My name is Lionel. I am an entrepreneur in the business model of affiliate marketing. I’m all about establishing passive income businesses that work for me on autopilot.
  4. juliusjooste

    20 Movies I recommend for entrepreneurs and those set on realizing their dreams.

    In chronological order: Good Will Hunting (1997) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest (2002) The Aviator (2004) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) The Pixar Story (2007) Ingenious (2009) Up in the Air (2009) The Social Network (2010)...
  5. Ibby Salam


    Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? My name is Ibby Salam. I'm a YouTuber, and my channel is mainly about Entrepreneurship and Making money online. I joined this forum to connect with other people like me and learn more about affiliate marketing. There's nothing much to say. I hope we have a...
  6. imfasttraxxerz

    Greetings From Wesley Chapel, FL

    Good morning all! I'm new to this forum, but I would like to take a minute just to introduce myself. My name is Jason and I am from Fl. I do a lot of self training in the realm of internet marketing and digital marketing. I have studied subjects such as list building, traffic generation and...
  7. GiorgioGD

    The New Kid On The Block

    Hello everyone, My name is Giorgio and I am from Amsterdam. I have 2 years experience in affiliate marketing and want to be part of this amazing community. I recently started blogging and also created a Youtube account regarding to affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship and motivation. Thanks...
  8. WealthyAffiliateSolutions

    Hello My New Online Entrepreneur Friends

    My name in Jon Harte I am happy to be a part of AffiliateFix. Here is a little introductory into my background and why I'm here. My education with computers began in 2001 where I received a degree in IT - Multimedia. Found myself working for a private web designer not too long after...
  9. Hungryforaction

    Hi, nice to meet you.

    I am an experienced (print) ID-designer from The Netherlands who is revitalizing his career, because of unforeseen circumstances on a private level. I used to work at the cliënt's workplace, but that is not possible anymore, so I am "forced" to research my possibilities in making an income on...
  10. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Looking for Affiliates

    Hey, My name is Amanda and although I have a background in marketing, I am pretty new to the affiliate space. I just listed my first products on JVZoo, a workbook series called #LaunchLove. The books are step-by-step guides for startups and small businesses on how to build your brand on a...
  11. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Ready to Rock It!

    Hey guys, My name is Amanda and although my background is in marketing, I am relatively new to the affiliate space. I just created my first set of products on JVZoo, a set of workbooks called #LaunchLove: they're step-by-step guides for building your brand and attracting new customers on a...