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What programs are used by web designers?



Raster editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel-Paint, Irfan View, GIMP, Krita, etc.) and
vector editors (Xara, Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc.)

Amirul Islam AMun

There is lot of programming language available for web designer. But if a developer can learn one language properly than he can do well with his life. There is several language such as Python, Javascript, php, ruby, wordpress etc. But a developer must learn html and css first. I am an IT student, though I don't know much about programming, but I am learning. I think now a days python is more famous and easy to learn. You should be creative and you have to follow language rules. But you can only do back-end design using python. For implementing font end design you must learn java script, and you have to learn css also. You have to observe various marketplace site such as fiverr, contentmart etc before you start your work. Because those marketplace are very secured site. And they will help you to better understand about security reason.


I think it all depends on personaly preferences more... These days, there are so many nice programs available... There are some cool web designers who can build a great website for you and your business. You will then be able to use their drag-and-drop editor which is great too. Maybe you will find it interesting to you, take a look there ;)
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Bryan McMullan

If you know Java programming language, I suggest you can start learning Node JS tutorials. It is an extensive platform used by web developers and it offers you a wide reach in the field of programming. It is fresh, efficient and self-moderating. It enables you to create web events and fast web services. For beginning, this should help!


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I use Dreamveawer , Photoshop ... that's all for design web pages.


What programs are used by web designers?
A Webdesigner would need to have an idea about graphic programs like Photoshop y Gimp.
Than implement or used in templates with programs such as aptana studio, komodo, geany, notepad++ among others. HTML5 makes it quite easy to create a website with notepad.

With all programs you need to learn their abilities first.


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Sometimes it's faster to use nano or vi direct on the server for editing HTML, PHP and other scripts ...
rsync and scp are very fast and useful too -- if you know SSH ;)

I can synchronize my local and remote sites with rsync -avhu in the time it takes to open a FTP client

I get by fine with Brackets (HTML), Gimp/Inkscape (SVG editor) and Gedit, Kate and even that awful PHPedit :p in plain text.

I don't have to buy licenses or use pirated software ...

Ats Mohali

  • Adobe Photoshop ($9.99/mo) Adobe PhotoShop Official Page
  • Pictaculous (FREE) Pictaculous Official Page:
  • Balsamiq (FREE) ...
  • Lightshot (FREE) ...
  • Sublime Text 2 ($70 one-time) ...
  • WAMP / MAMP (FREE) ...
  • Canva (FREE) ...
  • Sass (FREE)