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  1. B

    IP Ranges For US States

    Hi, Does anyone know where to find IP ranges for certain US states? I am trying to exclude certain states from my adult campaigns on Trafficstars, since they don't have a way to do this otherwise. Trafficstars only allows the option to exclude IP ranges. My offer doesn't allow traffic from...
  2. Luis Oscar Cruz

    PopAds games category: what type of offer can I use to find SiteID sub-niches, then target each one?

    Hello everyone! I have 2 questions. About the first one: - I would like to do a seed campaign in PopAds targeting the games category to then research the SiteIDs, find the sub-niches I find (arcade, gambling, casino, etc.). Then do a campaign for arcade, one for gambling, and one for casino...
  3. abdellahi

    Simple trick to get targeted audience with Fb ads

    hello today i'm going to share with you a simple trick to targeted audience for facebook ads. most people use Audience insights to define their audience but sometimes you can't reach the audience you want specialy with 2,3 tier country where people put whatever in their intrest and like pages...
  4. Cpa Expert

    PPV/Clickunder/Popunder traffic with demographic targeting

    Hello, Do you know any PPV/Clickunder/Popunder traffic sources with targeting by age and gender?
  5. T

    About Connection Types targeting on advertising network

    I run few campaigns with some ad networks but I'm still confused when targeting connection types. Most of networks have 4 main connection types to target: Dial-up, Cable/DSL, Corporate, Cellular I almost only use Cellular connection since my target is Mobile devices. Dial-up is quite clear and...
  6. Snoopp

    Adding Pixel to Landing Page

    Please could you correct me if I'm wrong? :ninja: My little sales funnel looks like that: Landing Page (different domain) -> Product Page (Shopify shop) -> Add to Cart -> Thank You Page If I want Facebook to optimize campaigns for Content View event should I add Content View Pixel to my...
  7. trackingdesk

    Your Social Media Trash is full of Cash

    A catchy message can travel fast and far across social media networks and yet, the paradox of this success can uncover a sour surprise. Here is why: When you promote an affiliate offer on social media networks, you can never know or predict how far your message will fly, who will click on it...
  8. MarinaKimia

    Optimum IP Filtering w/ Kimia – It Makes A Difference

    The following post explains a typical affiliate situation we can find ourselves in and gives some strategic suggestions. There will be a follow up post that provides further solutions! Most affiliates are looking for that “white whale” that will bring in the revenue with the simplest strategy...
  9. T J Tutor

    Qualaroo for Using Qualitative Data for Split Testing

    So, I've been ramping up lately on a number of fronts. I haven't been running campaigns in a while and now it's time to jump back in. I've been primarily focused on some content sites for the last six months. More on that later. Now I'm diving in with a whole new set of Native Ad Campaigns...
  10. S

    Newbie to mobile need help to target specific audiences

    Hello I have never done mobile advertising before, but i really want to get started doing it. I have talked to some people and they've told me for example about Adcash and Adsimilis. And they sound okay. I was just wondering, how do you know who and what to target? Because i really have no idea...
  11. DaynaAdnium

    Announcement Adnium: Advanced Targeting, Mobile and Web Traffic

    Hello Everyone, is our CPMv, RTB Network catering to both publishers and affiliates/media buyers alike! Being a CPMv network, impressions are only counted if your ad is loaded and in the user's view-port meaning advertisers get the most out of their campaign's budget. Adnium also...
  12. J

    Hey there! Did you know that Mobile Marketing is Awesome???

    Hi fellow :fix: I'm Julieta and I am currently an Affiliate Advertisier Manager at Mobicow, a new addition to an awesome team :) -------------- More Aout Me I am a people's person, I like to interact and help. When I try to help advertisers run better campaigns, every success for them is like...
  13. Giles ExoClick

    ExoClick new platform features!

    Now ExoClick has 2 new targeting features: Keyword targeting & IP Ranges targeting ExoClick Introduces Keyword and Flexible IP Ranges Targeting | ExoClick And we just updated our platform API to v1.1 which now enables creation & modification of campaigns ExoClick updates it’s platform API to...
  14. Sunny91

    Niche Site in Vs

    Hi, I'm in Canada and confused about targeting and searches. I can only see so should i be researching local searches and building a niche site with a .ca domain?? How can i target the US? -webmasters -set site to target US? -Research using local searches for US -Buy a .com domain...