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Qualaroo for Using Qualitative Data for Split Testing


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So, I've been ramping up lately on a number of fronts. I haven't been running campaigns in a while and now it's time to jump back in. I've been primarily focused on some content sites for the last six months. More on that later.

Now I'm diving in with a whole new set of Native Ad Campaigns driven through Instant Articles (you'll see a complete walkthrough from me on Instant Articles soon). In preparation, I've been submerging myself in the latest split testing techniques out there and found a couple of interesting options.

I ran across this site called Qualaroo. It's pretty cool, many of you may already know about it. This is used by some of the biggest and most respected companies, names we all know. I thought I might recap what I've learned about it and share with you how it may help you dial in on some new ideas for split testing. I'll be trying it out with with a new set of Native Ad campaign data I'll be posting in the Native Ads Forum soon.

What Qualaroo can do is help a content marketer direct traffic to specific LP's or specific pages on your site based on data from an initial query. For example, a visitor clicks your ad link and as they arrive at your site, they could be met by a simple query like "are you male or female?" and then could be asked any other pre-qualifying question(s) as you desire. Their answers would then send them to a specific set of customized & rotating LP's based on their answers.

With Qualaroo, you could easily nudge visitors towards specific content, registration pages, opt-in pages, offer pages, etc. The options are unlimited. You could also use Qualaroo to collect feedback at any point during their visit.

What's your opinion on using a simple set of queries to help direct the traffic with a tool like this? Are you using anything like this now?


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I had not heard of Qualaroo but I really like what you say it does! That would certainly streamline your traffic (and save $), plus segment your list.

Looking forward to reading how it works out with your native ad campaign.