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split testing

  1. S

    A Beginners Guide To Split Testing | 3 Keys To Doing It Successfully

    Landing pages, emails, and ads are all things you should be split testing if you want to maximize your affiliate marketing results, but if you rush into it without knowing what you’re doing you’ll end up doing more harm than good. So make sure you read this whole post, to get some key pointers...
  2. affiliatelk

    How to test my campaign before its live ?

    Hi, I have some question during to test the campaign before its live. How much budget will I allocate for each test? How long will I run test for? What are some rules for cutting landers, placements, offers ect ? Thanks
  3. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything How Can I split testing offers first ?

    Hi, I am confused with the testing part! In the testing part, Experts mention that we need to test 3 offers first? I mean how could I do that without the ads that aren't made already. it's confusing but to explain more, I just want to know how would I test an offer with an ad that I don't...
  4. affiliatelk

    Need advice on 'Sweepstakes Offer' Split testing ?

    Hi, I would like to promote sweepstakes offer in tier 2, tier 3 countries. I heard about In the sweepstake we need to test a lot of offers to find one that works well. Can you explain how we can find the same type of offers in a network, How can we choose the banners and landers to split test...
  5. affiliatelk

    My Campaign Optimization & Split Testing Queries?

    I have few queries in campaign optimization & split testing: How can I split test Offers, Banners & landers ? For an example if I have 5 banners, 5 Offers, 5 landing pages & How can I split test them ? Need to test the banner 1 with offer 1 and landing page 1 & Banner 2 with Offer 1 and...
  6. B

    10000 visitor from popads ! Is it enough ?

    Hello Guyes is 10000 visitor for for mobile is enough to know wheather to stay and optimise this campaign or move to next offer ?
  7. affiliatelk

    How to split test affiliate marketing campaign?

    Hi, I am a newbee to affiliate marketing. Is there anyone can give me crystal clear steps that I need to follow to split test a affiliate marketing campaigns. which one that I need to split test (traffic source, offers, ads ect...) first ? How much that I need to fix for split testing offers...
  8. T

    How to do the Split testing ?

    Hi, Is there anyone can explain me how can i do the split testing with my affiliate campaign ? How many ads, angles, traffic sources, geo locations that I need to test ? What is the time frame and budget to test following each verticals ? Affiliate networks ? Traffic Sources? Ads, Landing...
  9. Delyte

    Choosing a Country for a campaign

    So people often talk about testing an ad that's successful in a country in similar countries if they work. This made me think about where I should start my first campaign(s). Unfortunately I only speak English, so without a translator I trust, I am limited to English speaking countries. Which...
  10. Delyte

    Split Testing Affiliate Networks

    So I just finished watching the webinar by CashMoneyAffiliate and there was one particular point that he made that didn't quite make sense to me. How can two equal offers by the same advertiser offered by different affiliate networks perform differently? Surely there's SOMETHING different about...
  11. T J Tutor

    Qualaroo for Using Qualitative Data for Split Testing

    So, I've been ramping up lately on a number of fronts. I haven't been running campaigns in a while and now it's time to jump back in. I've been primarily focused on some content sites for the last six months. More on that later. Now I'm diving in with a whole new set of Native Ad Campaigns...
  12. JakeMA

    All EPCs are NOT created equally

    All EPCs are NOT created equally I wanted to share an article that was written from our Network Manager Chris Patrick. When shopping for a network to run a campaign, how many of you have run a campaign split test between two networks? Most all of you I would guess! Did you know that if you...
  13. anhtt265

    Tracking and Split Test PPC Questions

    Hello friends I'm just a newbie for affiliate marketing and PPC. I'm having some confusions about PPC. I'm appriciated if someone can help me clear: 1. Where to put different links if I use Tracking tools (Prosper202, Voluum)? I'm going to build a flow like this: Traffic (PPC Campaigns ) -->...