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My Campaign Optimization & Split Testing Queries?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by affiliatelk, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate

    I have few queries in campaign optimization & split testing:

    1. How can I split test Offers, Banners & landers ? For an example if I have 5 banners, 5 Offers, 5 landing pages & How can I split test them ? Need to test the banner 1 with offer 1 and landing page 1 & Banner 2 with Offer 1 and Landingpage 1, ect....(or) Need to test the combinations randomly like :
    Combination-01: Banner 1->offer 1-> Lander 1 if its perform bad then select the combination randomly like,

    Combination-02 : Banner 3- > Offer 1-> Lander 2

    Please give me the clear idea 'How can I do split testing?'
  2. Voluum
  3. AstroBoss

    AstroBoss Affiliate affiliate

    This is a quietly difficult task if you are a newbie, but still you can do it well! first what offers are you intending to promote? let's start with that!
  4. 2Result.net

    2Result.net Affiliate affiliate

    Here's how i would do it.
    example: 5 banners => 5 landing pages => 5 offers => ... as many as you want.

    first step: i use click tracking service such as clickmeter that have "rotate link" feature (you can search and find other link rotate service if you want).

    Now i create 2 rotate link.
    - first rotate link is included all URL for all of my landing pages (let call it link-R1).
    -second rotate link is included all URL for all of my offers (let call it link-R2).

    next, in all of my landing pages, i put link-R2 for destination URL (url people will go to after they submit their email address).

    Second step: if you put the banner on your wordpress website, then use free plugin such as "AdRotate Banner Manager" to split test all of your banner. if you put your banners on other people website or network, you can ask them to help you split test your banners or create multiple ads campaign for each banner.

    Now link all of these banner to link-R1.

    That's it. Now you will have what you wanted above. by using tracking link service such as clickmeter or similar services, you will see which combinations is perform best within their dashboard.
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  5. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I would like to promote 'Acombo's Sweepstakes Offer' first..
  6. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate


    Hi, Here I would like to use Propeller as traffic source and Voluum as tracker. Can you guide me with my sources ?
  7. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate


    Can you explain me step-by-step how can i optimise, split test eat.
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  8. Maxxx333

    Maxxx333 Affiliate affiliate

    You know optimizing your campaign using a spy-tool is something they really allow you to do, by using the features they integrated to their tool! This tool normally allow you to search what are the top working ads at the moment, the top ad-networks that re mostly used in the vertical you want to promote, but also they allow you to download creatives for your campaign, and monitor the actual good traffic source for your vertical, etc... with this, you could so buy more intelligently, and then set up a campaign similar at the one you are intending to run, and see how it's going, if there is any problem, then you have to contact their support, to ask for some help, and as i know, they are really available! Try to have a trial with them, and make it,
    Hope this will be helpful for you!
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