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  1. Honeybadger

    1st Affiliate Campaign with Push Ads (to be continued)

    Decided to 'bite the bullet' and spend 1 hour per day (after work) running my 1st affiliate marketing campaign with push ad notifications - target is to earn $200 from $100 investment pot I know zero about this system, so this week just learning the ropes before start to test, will be watching...
  2. Iulian90

    Dating afiliate expert needed for colaboration

    Hello marketers ! I am lookig for an afiliate marketer with experience in promotig dating websites. We curently promote our platform on exoclick and we by traffic from crakrevenue , but we want to optimize our campaigns, landing pages, banners ,etc. Any person intrested, contact me asap. We are...
  3. IndeXer

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hi, I got accepted in @MarketCall and starting my first paypercall campaign, as this is my first ever paypercall campaign I need few pointers and tips. So far I see that Marketcall doesn't provide landing pages so its a bit expensive to get the landing pages. What I understood so far is, you...
  4. Morvy Bloom

    Review How do you organize your campaigns (in the traffic source & Tracker)

    Hello guys, I am about to launch some new campaigns on different Spots/websites. I want to know how do you keep all the campaigns organized and track every campaign's metrics separately? I'm thinking to use 5:2:2 should the Landers/offers have different URLs or the tracker (Testeasily) does...
  5. Anstrex

    Ask Me Anything [EXPOSED]Native Ad Campaign: OlympTrade (binary trading)

    I have decided to create a series that will expose new affiliate campaigns currently doing massive profits on native ad networks. I will reveal the creatives, landing pages, traffic sources, affiliate offers and affiliate networks for each campaign. Feel free to ask any specific questions or...
  6. JonathanB

    Tracking Software Confusion - HELP?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to affiliate marketing and want to launch my first campaign this week. I have a very supportive AM and an offer that seems to be "newbie friendly". Info about the campaign: Offer: Simple Lead Gen (user must fill out a form) Traffic source: Facebook, US-Only Landing Page...
  7. G Chandra Shekhar Rao

    How to create a dating campaign on Plugrush

    Looking after someone who can help me create a campaign on plugrush for a dating cpa offer..
  8. affiliatelk

    My Campaign Optimization & Split Testing Queries?

    I have few queries in campaign optimization & split testing: How can I split test Offers, Banners & landers ? For an example if I have 5 banners, 5 Offers, 5 landing pages & How can I split test them ? Need to test the banner 1 with offer 1 and landing page 1 & Banner 2 with Offer 1 and...