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Ask Me Anything [EXPOSED]Native Ad Campaign: OlympTrade (binary trading)

Discussion in 'Native Ads' started by Anstrex, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Anstrex

    Anstrex Traffic Manager Service Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    I have decided to create a series that will expose new affiliate campaigns currently doing massive profits on native ad networks. I will reveal the creatives, landing pages, traffic sources, affiliate offers and affiliate networks for each campaign. Feel free to ask any specific questions or join me for a live webinar. Also, please vote and tell me which vertical would you like to see in my next post.

    Today, I am going to talk about Binary Options Trading vertical.

    What is Binary Options Trading?
    This is one of the simplest way to trade stock options. The end user is given a binary signal (Yes or No) from these trading companies on whether to invest in a particular stock option. Successful trading of options brings significantly large profits compared to other type of investments. So as you would expect, the campaigns mostly focus on the massive ROI and simplicity (binary signal) aspect of this offer.

    What type of creatives are successful?
    As I said earlier, focus on the ROI (make massive ammounts) and simplicity aspects (of the binary option) when you create ads. Here are some examples that clearly illustrate this point:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What type of landing pages should I use?
    First of all, don't direct link to the offer. You will need a pre-lander. The lander should be a blog/advertorial type which talks about how easy it is to trade options and live a lavish lifestyle from the earned profits. Again, simplicity and massive ROI should be the focus of your lander. Here are some good landers in different languages. As you can see, the message is same across the board for all the following landers (BTW, all these landers can be deployed for your campaign using our tool directly on your server using a few clicks):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What affiliate offer should I choose?
    There are many affiliate offers that are available. But one that is doing very well at the moment is OlympTrade. This offer has customized landers for specific countries and converts really well. The payout is either Single Opt In (SOI) (when the user submits the form without email verification) or Cost Per Sale (CPS) (when the user makes the required initial deposit in the account). The payout for CPS is around $100 or more depending on Geo and SOI will be couple of bucks. I would recommend that you use CPS pricing model over SOI which has an inherent risk of getting kicked out of the program for low quality leads which don't convert.

    What affiliate networks carry this offer?
    You will find this offer on Gotzha, ClickDealer, ApproachX etc.

    Which traffic sources should I use?
    MGID is your best bet for world wide traffic. BizOpp offers do really well on MGID
    For region specific networks, you can try EngageYa (Middle East), Popin (South East Asia), Plista (EU)
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Anthony.

    Anthony. Moderator moderator affiliate

    This is a great thread! :D

    Can I add a voting option - sweeps? Would be interesting to see.

    Unfortunately those ads, I don't understand the headlines - but it's still easy to get the idea.
    Signed up to the webinar also.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  4. Maxxx333

    Maxxx333 Affiliate affiliate

    This is really full specify dude, it surely be helpful to more than one around here!
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  5. Anstrex

    Anstrex Traffic Manager Service Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you in the webinar. Yes, the headlines are not understandable but these offers work very well in asian countries where rapidly rising middle class population is trying to make money to meet their needs. So you need to give a local flavor to the campaign.
  6. Anstrex

    Anstrex Traffic Manager Service Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Thanks. Appreciate your comments.
  7. Maxxx333

    Maxxx333 Affiliate affiliate

    You are welcome dude.
  8. boomboxie

    boomboxie Affiliate affiliate

    What about other brokers?

    IQ tends to pay better, and people used to convert better there when I was trying to break in in that niche.
  9. MrBroke

    MrBroke Affiliate affiliate

    You are saying massive profits.... Lets see your stats, how much did you make so far?