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  1. R

    Outbrain CTR & Bidding Question

    Hey everyone, So I just started a new campaign on Outbrain using VoluumDSP and started out bidding a bit too low for CPM I think on a $50/budget on "Smooth." My CPM bid was 0.53 to start in a suggested bid range of 0.23-1.53. My Win Rate after a day's worth of spend was 34%. I got 303,000...
  2. B

    The leads came from low traffic volume website ids ! what should i do ?

    Hello Guys I'm A beginner in CPA marketing, I know the basics and have run a lot of campaigns before but never made it to the green section. Yesterday I tested an offer with direct linking and received about 20,000 visitors and 4 conversions. So I think the first thing to do is to filter website...
  3. affiliatelk

    My Campaign Optimization & Split Testing Queries?

    I have few queries in campaign optimization & split testing: How can I split test Offers, Banners & landers ? For an example if I have 5 banners, 5 Offers, 5 landing pages & How can I split test them ? Need to test the banner 1 with offer 1 and landing page 1 & Banner 2 with Offer 1 and...
  4. R3DRUM

    How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? Part 2

    As mentioned in my previous thread, I will be touching on how to scale to other sources. Below is the link to my previous thread. How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? So how do you scale out to other sources? Many people have the mindset whereby you have found the best...
  5. R3DRUM

    How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively?

    Many are asking how to optimize and scale campaigns. Allow me to share some of my tips on scaling campaigns. Scaling means your campaigns are doing very well, and you want to increase volume to your campaign. Here are the two ways of scaling: Scale within the Traffic Source Scale out to other...
  6. Bloody Tourist

    Scaling FB campaign, need help!

    Hey guys, Some of you might know from my binary options ama, but due to stricter regulations and countries banning this type of trading, I'm trying to diversify. So I started a couple of campaigns on FB and got one of them profitable pretty fast. Right now my ad spend is $100 per day and in...
  7. ismael dahdouh

    Need help sclaing my bing ads campaign

    Hi guys ! well i was working on a sale offer ! promoting it using a landing page on bing ads ! also i used tracking for now i spent 200$ to get 250 clicks = 3 conversions = 156 $ earned in 2 days and half ! the problem is the 3 conversions came from only 2 keywords ! and i don't know if it's...