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  1. Gala

    Official June Jackpot: Up to $1000 Cashback from Adsterra

    As summer rolls around, we’re keeping it hot with a sizzling offer that’s too good to pass up! If you aim to to optimize for max profit and love extra perks, this one’s for you. Make this June the month you get acquainted with our Smart CPM tool and get a hefty 15% cashback on your spend! The...
  2. Mondiad

    Optimize your ad campaign with custom Mondiad optimization rules!

    Is anyone in here who is not a fan of data-based campaign optimization? No?! We thought so. ;) Mondiad optimization rules are an in-house technology and a great performance testing and optimization tool for your ad campaign parameters, saving you time and money. A rule can be formed of...
  3. nvlen4404

    Optimize ads with FB

    Hi everyone, I'm advertising on FB Although I have many advantages with FB ads because of discounted budgets, I still can't get much profit with my campaigns I only used a few optimizations with the FB advertiser so the results were still too expensive, even though with the same content and...
  4. B

    The leads came from low traffic volume website ids ! what should i do ?

    Hello Guys I'm A beginner in CPA marketing, I know the basics and have run a lot of campaigns before but never made it to the green section. Yesterday I tested an offer with direct linking and received about 20,000 visitors and 4 conversions. So I think the first thing to do is to filter website...
  5. JonathanB

    Tracking Software Confusion - HELP?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to affiliate marketing and want to launch my first campaign this week. I have a very supportive AM and an offer that seems to be "newbie friendly". Info about the campaign: Offer: Simple Lead Gen (user must fill out a form) Traffic source: Facebook, US-Only Landing Page...
  6. trackingdesk

    Facebook (new) Integration in TrackingDesk

    hi Everyone A quick note to inform you that Facebook is now integrated in Trackingdesk. What it means is that your campaign url will carry all facebook dynamic parameters. Full info on our latest post. Looking forward for your comments.
  7. affiliatelk

    My Campaign Optimization & Split Testing Queries?

    I have few queries in campaign optimization & split testing: How can I split test Offers, Banners & landers ? For an example if I have 5 banners, 5 Offers, 5 landing pages & How can I split test them ? Need to test the banner 1 with offer 1 and landing page 1 & Banner 2 with Offer 1 and...
  8. easytyga

    Tracker for keywords

    Hello.. I talked to a cpa affiliate about a day ago i told him i dont get good conversion on my cpl offers, on Facebook ads, but he asked me do i use tracker for keywords, i told him i dont know what it means and he said i should pay him so he can teach me, please can anyone here kindly give me...
  9. affiliatelk

    What is known as affiliate marketing campaign?

    I am little confuse about affiliate marketing campaign. I heart some one said I try many CAMPAIGNS. What is exactly known as a Affiliate Marketing Campaign. Is it '1 offer, 1 traffic source, 1 ads, 1 landing page ect..' or ' 1 offer, 1 traffic source, multiple ads, ect..' Please advice me step...
  10. TheDanmit

    Let's make some money

    Hello everyone, Overview So I decided to start with Bing again I created a campaign for weight loss offer from maxbounty and funded my account with 100 Euro. I'm using bemob tracking platform everything what I did is according to their setup guide, so cross fingers for me :) . My campaign...
  11. xtraffik

    By Newbie for Newbies: The campaign optimisation walkthrough I wish I had last week

    Hey guys! So I started my CPA journey around 10 days ago and have experimented with: Training: CPAELITES upgrade, AffiliateFix upgrade, RevMax mastermind and also a bunch of courses downloaded from Torrents/FileLockers Trackers: CPVLabs, Prosper202, AdsBridge Offers: RevMax, MaxBounty, Peerfly...
  12. Mobidea

    Review All you need to know about GO2MOBI!

    Go2mobi is a Demand Side Platform (DSP), providing you traffic from 12 different ad exchanges – the biggest being MoPub, Smaato and Nexage. The majority of traffic coming from those 3 ad exchanges is in-app. Moreover, Smaato and Nexage also have some considerable mobile web traffic. The ad...
  13. P

    Facebook Campaign Setup Help

    I’m just getting started with Facebook advertising and am about to setup my first campaign. I’ve read lots of different guides online about how to run ads, structure the account and optimize but I’m a little bit confused about what is the best way to set things up. I want to make sure I set...
  14. alrey91

    How to Lower the Cost of CPC on Bing Ads

    Hello, I have a Bing PPC campaign running to a pre-sell landing page which then directs them to the Clickbank offer. So far, I am getting sales but I am breaking even or slightly on the negative side. I have very good CTR's, the campaign has a 4.36% CTR. My question is how do I lower the...
  15. azgold

    PPC Campaigns - When to Scale

    Okay, so you've got what you think is a winner. Is it time to scale things up? Saw this article on Kissmetrics and thought it might help answer the question. Signs That It’s Time to Grow You've spent considerable time testing and optimizing your ads, landers and campaigns. At some point...
  16. Mobidea

    Media Buy Keywords

    When you’re getting started in Media Buying, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of info thrown at you from every thread, help section, and shady website. Nonetheless, before even considering becoming a beginner, you need to learn some basics. One of the things that you gotta know...
  17. Mobidea

    3G and Wifi - Working with Adnetworks

    I think it’s important for newbie affiliates to understand how to work with adnetworks as far as 3G and Wifi traffic is concerned. In fact, you’ll find some adnetworks which allow you to split 3G and Wifi, and others that won’t. If you work with adnetworks that can’t split 3G and Wifi, you...
  18. Mobidea

    Exoclick – How to use the SmartCPM tool

    Wanna know how to take advantage of the SmartCPM tool on Exoclick? Then just read our post on the Mobidea Academy! The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
  19. MithunRoy

    Quality Of 7Search PPC Traffic

    Hey, I'm a new cpa marketer,so I want to start my first ppc campaign and I heard the name of 7search. SO can anybody telling me,How is the Quality of 7search traffic. Do they really convert and profitable??? What kind of offers Going well with 7search??? Please I need this Information as a New...
  20. internalsoul

    Complete Campaign Optimization Guide

    Complete Campaign Optimization Guide Optimization is the process of turning campaigns from non-profitable ones into profitable ones. This is done by testing all the elements of the campaigns and eliminating the non-performing ones. It’s the most important part of creating profitable campaigns...