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By Newbie for Newbies: The campaign optimisation walkthrough I wish I had last week

Discussion in 'Testing, Optimization and Scaling' started by xtraffik, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. xtraffik

    xtraffik Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys! So I started my CPA journey around 10 days ago and have experimented with:
    1. Training: CPAELITES upgrade, AffiliateFix upgrade, RevMax mastermind and also a bunch of courses downloaded from Torrents/FileLockers
    2. Trackers: CPVLabs, Prosper202, AdsBridge
    3. Offers: RevMax, MaxBounty, Peerfly, CPALead, Adcombo and a few others
    4. Traffic sources: ExoClick, PopAds, Bing Ads (ads weren't approved)
    5. Landing Pages: Instabuilder
    I've decided to document my latest experiment for my own records and also with the hope of getting some feedback on my campaign/approach and helping some other people that are just starting out.

    So I signed up to AdCombo yesterday (I am new to this forum, that url includes my referral link, anyone know if that's ok?) and I've been really impressed with the support from my AM (Nina) they seem to welcome Newbies, their platform is really great from a tech standpoint. I believe the offers are their own products so they're a little limited BUT they do provide landers/prelanders and all the tracking tools so I think it's my new favourite way of building whitelists/blacklists and testing traffic. Hopefully will be able to make a few sales while I'm at it.

    I'm really excited with the progress I've made so far on this campaign. I've spent just over $2 on ExoClick popunders (I was hoping to spend up to $20 a day but the targeting options I've chosen have limited traffic. The goal of this campaign was to LEARN, not turn a profit although that would be nice of course...).

    After reading through: Ad Networks' Bots ~ AdCombo Blog I really started to segment down to Language, OS, Device, Browser, etc. in an attempt to filter out as much of the bot traffic as I could.

    Campaign setup: No tracker (yet)
    I've been using trackers a lot but finding them a bit of a pain to set up plus AdCombo already includes a bunch of really cool tools that I felt would be enough to get me started (more on that below). If I decide to scale the campaign I will definitely add one in but I can't help but wonder how that extra redirect time would impact conversions.

    So I know it's usual to not share all the data from a campaign for fear of having someone rip it off BUT I feel like there's so little commercial gains in this and I've gotten so much from this community so far that I'm happy to share so hopefully someone else can learn from my budget:


    As you will see this offer has both Landers & Prelanders (this is a recent screenshot and I've already deselected all the ones that weren't working).

    I use Exoclick Tokens - TrackingTokens.com website a lot for checking all my tokens.

    Initial launch: Broad net, capture traffic to filter out botnets

    So I set this up around 6 PM and was able to get a few hours data before going to bed at midnight (it's been quite a few of those since I've started this...). This is where it get's really cool.

    After a few hours I checked the stats report and was really excited at the data I was able to capture:


    So I didn't check the AdCombo docs yet BUT based on the data I am assuming that:

    Preland uniq: Unique hits to the prelander
    Land transit: People that went FROM the prelander TO the Lander
    Leads (conversion): my CPA Action count
    BR uniq: Bounce Rate from the prelander
    CTR uniq: people clicking from the prelander to the lander
    Leads (Finances): my CPA Action in $$$, show me the money!





    What I love about AdCombo interface is that I can very easily group my data by all the things that matter to me:


    Group by Subaccount 3 = {zone_id}
    Straight away I can see zones that are sending traffic that is bouncing/not converting.


    So I head over to Exoclick to turn them off:


    I then also repeated this process for:
    • From ExoClick:
      • {src_hostname} Name of the source domain
      • {category_id} Category ID
    • From AdCombo:
      • Prelandings
      • OS
      • Browser
    I have not been able to optimise offers yet as I have not received any conversions!

    Optimisation results 18th vs 19th:


    As you'll probably spot very quickly there are still 0 sales BUT it appear that the Prelanding to Landing conversion IS improving. This is on just over $2 worth of traffic for an $11 offer so I'm still hopeful...

    Perhaps the difference in CTR was just because it was late night traffic vs early morning? Here's the breakdown by hour:

    March 18th by hour

    You can see a big jump in CTR at 22:00 when I did the first round of optimising and killed a bunch of zones/sites that were sending a ton of traffic with no conversions.

    March 19th:

    Next steps

    • Removed frequency capping on the pop now I have better traffic.
    • Repurpose this blacklist for other comparable offers in Thailand (maybe even OFF the AdCombo network if it doesn't start converting something soon).
    • Find another GEO with more traffic and repeat this process
    • Try PopAds using this method: PopAds Guide - Your Key To Profitable Campaigns in 2017
    • Implement feedback/suggestions from this thread
    • I'm thinking of using subacc2 for traffic source (exoclick/popads/7search/etc.) then concatenating the tokens "&subacc3={campaign_id}+{category_id}+{zone_id}+{src_hostname}" or something like that or I should just pony up and setup my tracker properly.


    Would really appreciate feedback on how I can improve this approach from some of the more seasons guys on here.

    If you found this walkthrough useful please feel free to sign up to any of these networks using my referral code if you're not already to help fund my CPA journey!!
    • Home - ExoClick
    • AdCombo
    • PopAds - Register
    • PeerFly

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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. What a story!
    I saw that you mentioned limited traffic. Since you already are using AdsBridge, make sure to utilize our Daily Capping feature! It will automatically pause your campaign once it's reached the set limit, and transfer traffic to another offer of your choice.
    Let me know if you have any other quesitons regarding tracking specifically, and I'll be happy to help you!
    Good luck!
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  4. natalieporter

    natalieporter Affiliate affiliate

    Many thanks!!!! Nice topic. ;)
  5. Albertomax1

    Albertomax1 Affiliate affiliate

    simply awesome, thanks for sharing! :)
  6. Jojjua

    Jojjua Affiliate affiliate

    Great! I love the way you just shared with us your process and openly your campaign. For newbies like me it means a lot :)
  7. Vivid Trading

    Vivid Trading Affiliate affiliate

    Nice Iam going to keep looking over this. THank you
  8. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    Good to know about this... Thanks for sharing the link..
  9. Certified
    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    I just wanted to bring this post back to the top of the heap - I really dig the fact that it's for newbies and written by a newbie in the first place. Definitely worth the read!

    Additionally, if there's newbie's out there who are looking for a solid option for learning as you go, let me know. I'd love to set you up with a new custom installation of ThriveTracker and provide you with our 30-day free trial. Every day of the trial, we send you the next most important piece of our platform education! We'll help you learn how to get it right!

    Official Launch: ThriveTracker Educational Series

    I'm always available to chat as well - Cheers!
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  10. Jose M garcia

    Jose M garcia Affiliate affiliate

    this post went right over my head. no idea what are you referring to. im new
  11. Eve Jones

    Eve Jones Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing this definitive guide with us.
  12. houlland

    houlland Affiliate affiliate

    Great! I love the way you just shared with us your process and openly your campaign. For newbies like me it means a lot :)
  13. shop14life

    shop14life Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot !! :) fo sharing this post , really helpful