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The Premier AI Tracker for Performance Marketers
Don't just succeed. Thrive.

Formerly known as THRIVE by iPyxel Creations, ThriveTracker is a next-generation universal tracking software, set up to offer the very best in features and support. While first launched in 2014 with the specific intent to be the best self-hosted tracking software available, the move was made in 2015 to bring the most robust cloud-based structure available to users as well. Today, ThriveTracker remains the only tracking platform to simultaneously offer, develop, and optimize features for both a self-hosted and cloud-hosted platform.

We prioritize flexibility for media buyers, ensuring that our tracking solution is built to best suit many different business models and needs. Whether tracking in small numbers or large quantities, we bring a suite of features that go unmatched in the industry at prices to leave the competition behind.

Best Features

  1. Self-Hosted or Cloud-hosted - for the freedom to choose
  2. World-Class Support - for the very best experience
  3. Infinite Scalability and 100% uptime - for dependable results
  4. 65+ Pre-Defined Traffic Sources - for fast campaign creation
  5. Custom Domains w/SSL Support - for the utmost reliability
  6. Extensive Reporting - for ultra-rich data insights
  7. Built-in Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter - for capitalizing on data insights
  8. Custom Redirection Rules - for unlimited optimization strategies
  9. Multi-User Access - for supporting your team's efforts
  10. Landing Page Pixels - for 0ms redirection speeds and organic tracking
  11. Mobile-Ready - for tracking device, carrier, OS, brand, and more
  12. Manual Cost Update - for 100% accuracy in cost/revenue/profit
  13. Global Postback Options - for serving universal needs
  14. Batch Actions - for working smarter and faster
  15. Funnel Support - for the most extreme campaign/upsell structures
  16. Conversion Currency - for those who don't pay in USD
  17. Offer Capping - for showcasing your best when possible
  18. Platform Education - for learning every piece of the puzzle
  19. Raw Click/Conversion Logs - for accountability and full transparency

(ThriveTracker clients can just log into their account to download the self-hosted package or request a cloud account)

P.S. Yes, we also have an affiliate program. Bring users to us and earn 10% revenue share!
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