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The Ultimate Self-Hosted Mobile & Web Tracker for All Direct Response Campaigns and Affiliate Market

  1. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    ipyxelcreations submitted a new resource:

    THRIVE - The Ultimate Self-Hosted Mobile & Web Tracker for All Direct Response Campaigns and Affiliate Market

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. newbidder
  3. tyforest

    tyforest Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting, whats the lowest price and how does that compare to Voluums lowest?
  4. snarry

    snarry Affiliate affiliate

    Please read through the website, Its answer your questions...

    1. 30 days free
    2. $100/month and 50/month per additional domain licence.
    3. you need a server to host this script. not hosted like volumm
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  5. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Just a slight correction: additional domains are $39/month.

    You can install unlimited installs per domain though.

    We also have a Managed Service where we host you on our AWS setup. At high volume, it's actually cheaper than Voluum since we don't charge per-event fees.
  6. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    We've just released an update that includes these features:

    1) Conversion testing links (just go into an individual campaign to grab the link) that you can give to networks or whoever that needs a test link to test tracking

    2) IP redirection rules - you can specify a list of IPs or specify IP ranges

    3) URL Parameter redirection rules - redirect visitors based on parameters in URL

    4) OS version redirection rules - can specify version ranges
  7. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

  8. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Get Accurate Cost Data with THRIVE!

    As performance marketers, we know that data and optimization are an essential part of big profitable campaigns.

    Therefore, it's very important to be able to track, analyze, and optimize on accurate cost data that yield accurate profit and ROI numbers.

    THRIVE makes updating your cost data across multiple campaigns super easy.

    You can update the values in 2 formats:

    1) Designate a CPC value to update across campaigns, or
    2) Enter in a total cost value for selected campaigns so the cost is distributed across the clicks

    You can update via 2 methods:

    1) Use the THRIVE interface. You would select the campaign(s) you want to update cost for. Select the date range. Then, enter in a CPC value or a total dollar value to be applied.


    2) Upload a CSV file using the CSV template we provide to perform many update jobs at once.


    Getting accurate cost data in your reports is super important in some cases since high EPC/revenue doesn't always mean profit, which is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. THRIVE makes this easy!
  9. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    3rd-Party Post-back/Pixel System

    You can piggy-back as many 3rd-party post-backs/pixels you want off of a conversion, whether they are traffic source pixels or pixels from some other service or tracking software.

    No matter what software and services you're using, you now ONLY need to ever place ONE single post-back URL with advertisers or networks, and that is the master THRIVE post-back (or pixel).

    Then, within THRIVE, you can add post-back/pixels at the traffic source level, the campaign level, as well as just piggy-back as many other pixels as you want globally.

    To add pixels at the traffic source level, simply edit the traffic source. For campaign-specific pixels, there is now an option for "Post-backs" on the General tab of each campaign.

    For global 3rd party pixels (i.e. they will fire every single time the THRIVE post-back/pixel fires), those can be added in the main Tracking section. For global 3rd party pixels, you don't even need to run campaigns through THRIVE! Just use this function to fire multiple pixels if you'd like.

    We give you 5 different types of pixels you can fire:

    • URL (the most recommended post-back option)
    • Image
    • Iframe
    • Javascript
    • Raw HTML

  10. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Bulk URL Find & Replace for Offers & Landing Pages

    As of the last update, you can now select a batch of landing pages or offers in THRIVE and then do a find & replace on every item selected to edit the URLs.

    For example, if you selected these landing pages to Mass URL Edit:

    And you entered:
    String to Find - my-fatloss-journey.com
    String to Replace - myfatlossmission.com

    Then, all the landing page URLs would be updated to:


    Hope you guys find this automation feature useful. It's one of many in THRIVE!
  11. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    From day 1, we at iPyxel Creations have been all about automation in performance marketing. Across our 3 products, that is the ultimate end goal: to automate your entire operation as much as possible.

    THRIVE is no different. Today, we bring you another automation feature that will allow you to add landing pages and offers into THRIVE in bulk. It feels pretty good when hundreds of landing pages can be uploaded at once!

    New Feature: Mass Insertion for LPs and Offers via CSV

    You can now upload a CSV file, containing hundreds of landing pages (or offers), upload them into THRIVE, and all those landing pages will be added into the system automatically. Boom.

    We provide a CSV template file that's super easy to use. There's a different column for every field of the landing page:


    This is particularly useful if, for example, you have hundreds of pop-under landing pages that you need to add to the system to split test. The offers page also has the same function!

    We have now made it 100x easier to import your campaigns from any other tracker you've been meaning to get off of and hop on THRIVE!

    Other LPs/Offers Automation Features

    As a reminder, there's a bunch of other features that can automate your marketing in terms of managing your landing pages and offers.

    • Duplicate Offers/LPs: Select a number of offers and LPs, go to the "Select Action" drop down, and click "Duplicate Selected". This will immediately create duplicates of all items selected.

    • Swap Offers/LPs: Wherever an offer or landing page is running, you can swap it out for another offer or landing page. A specific offer can be running in multiple different campaigns, under certain redirection rules, and all over the place. If all of a sudden it goes down, use the Swap Offer feature, and within seconds, that offer is replaced with another one.

    • Match Offers/LPs: Have an offer or landing page that's been doing pretty well across the board? You can match that offer or landing page with new offers or landing pages to split test against everywhere the original offers or landing pages are running so that you are always testing to be running the best performers.

    Hope that our focus on automation makes your lives easier.
  12. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Update: Export Raw Click Data to CSV

    Guys, just a quick update:

    We think ownership and the ability access to your own raw click data is very important.

    You can now export all raw click data to CSV.

    All the logging of your clicks and conversions in real time (as well as the ability to do specific Sub ID Analysis) are located in the Click / Conversion Log:


    You can export the raw click data of your sub IDs by clicking here:


    The CSV you get has all the data (there are around 45 pieces of data) associated with every click.

    This gives immense flexibility if you want to do your own analysis outside the app.
  13. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Update Historical Costs for Custom Variables

    In case you haven't noticed, you can now update costs by custom variables. Do you have cost data from your traffic source for certain variables that you pass through? Now, instead of updating costs on a campaign basis, you can update them by each custom variable.

    A note though: if you have a custom variable with a ton of different values being passed into THRIVE and you want to update hundreds of thousands of them, this will be costly in hardware resources.

    To use this feature, go to Tracking > Manual Cost Update:


    Then, scroll down to Custom Variable Cost Update. There, you'll first select which traffic source this is for, then pick the campaign(s), date range, custom variable value, and what to update cost by:


    As always, we always specifically focus on automating your performance marketing operation because we know how valuable your time is, so there is also a CSV update function.
  14. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    How to Setup Your First Campaign for Tracking + Guides on Upsells

    Due to popular demand, here's a video walk-through from A-to-Z of setting up your first campaign on THRIVE.

    We go over how to create a campaign in THRIVE, how to use the landing page code, and how to setup conversion tracking at your affiliate network.

    All our video tutorials are also accessible via the Dashboard of THRIVE (top left corner).

    2 Ways to Track Multi-Step Upsells

    We've also written a couple of detailed guides on how to setup upsell funnels via THRIVE. There are 2 ways, one is simpler and one is more complicated but gives you more granularity.

    Simple One-Click Upsells
    How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: One-Click Up-Sells | iPyxel Creations | Demand-side performance marketing software and digital marketing insights

    Separate Offer Attributions for Each Upsell
    How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: Offer Attributions | iPyxel Creations | Demand-side performance marketing software and digital marketing insights

    If you own your own offer or just find the 2nd method too hard to implement, please contact us directly. We have an even easier way to attribute upsells to multiple campaigns that we've been testing with some users.

    Hope this helps!
  15. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Create Multiple Branches of Split Tests in a Single Funnel & Track Multi-Page Flows

    This is a tutorial on how to use Thrive to:
    1) Track Multiple Offer Split Tests on a Single Landing Page
    2) Track Any Kind of Multi-flow Funnels with Multiple Pages

    This is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to use 1 building block (a "Branch") to construct any kind of flow you'd like by designing the tree for your funnel.

    You can also see our blog post on this.

    Multiple Split Tests on a Single Landing Page

    To understand how Branching works, let’s start with an example of using it on a single landing page.

    Let’s say on this landing page, you have 3 offers from 3 different verticals: verticals A, B, and C. And now, you want to setup a split test for multiple offers in each of the verticals.

    So, you’ll have 3 links in the landing page that rotates 3 different offers each:

    • Link 1: rotates between Offer A1, Offer A2, Offer A3
    • Link 2: rotates between Offer B1, Offer B2, Offer B3
    • Link 3: rotates between Offer C1, Offer C2, Offer C3

    How would we set that up in THRIVE?

    First, let’s ignore the offers for verticals B and C. Now, we just have a simple campaign with a single landing page links to 3 offers, and it would look like this:


    The landing page code to link to those offers would be:

    <a href="http://domain.com/path/out.php">Link Text for Vertical A</a>
    But now, how do we link to a completely different set of offers on the same landing page? We’re going to create a Branch.


    We’re going to add 2 branches and name these branches “Vertical B” and “Vertical C”.


    Now, let’s add offers to these branches so we can split test these offers for each vertical:


    After adding the respective offers for Vertical B and Vertical C, your Branches section of your rotations should look like this:


    Now, all we have to do is get the landing page code to link to the 2 branches. First, we need their Branch ID’s. Those are located right below the branch name, and it’s 7511 for Vertical B, and the branch ID for Vertical C is 8010.

    Click “Get Branches LP Code”:


    And we can figure out that the landing page code to link to each respective branch is as follows. We just need to place the branch ID’s after the “b=” variable in the code.

    Landing Page Code for Vertical B:
    <a href="http://domain.com/path/out.php?b=7511">Link Text for Vertical B</a>
    Landing Page Code for Vertical C:
    <a href="http://domain.com/path/out.php?b=8010">Link Text for Vertical B</a>
    And you’re all set! You should now have 3 different links on your landing page that links to 3 different sets of offers to split test.

    Apply This to Multiple Step Funnels

    Now, if you let your imagination go a little further, you’ll realize that each offer can also link to a branch, and the tree can be endless.

    If you have multiple steps in your landing page funnel, you can add subsequent steps as offers instead of landing pages and use this branching feature to create as many split tests as you want. You can branch the visitors off from your funnel at any point. Just link to the specific branch ID that you want on any page.

    For example, we can setup a funnel like this:

    Landing Page (1st Level)

    For the first level, maybe you have 2 landing pages you want to split test, so you add them all to the rotation. We’ll also need the offers we want to split test under each rotation. We do not have to link to this offer on the page.


    Landing Page (2nd Level)

    Now, let’s say we have another step in the sequence that we want to split test 2 landing pages with. In this case, we’re going to add the 2 landing pages as offers in THRIVE, then add those 2 offers to a branch in the campaign’s rotations.


    Now, on each of the landing pages for the 1st level, you just need to link to this branch (branch ID is 5384) with the following code:
    <a href="http://domain.com/path/out.php?b=5384">Click Here for 2nd Level Lander Split Test!</a>
    Offer Split Test

    After the 2-step landing page, the visitor is sent to the offer. Let’s say we also have 2 offers we want to split test. So what do we do? We create another branch again. This is getting familiar right?


    And similarly, on the pages of the 2nd step landers, put the branches code (branch ID is 3532) on those pages where you want to link to the offer:
    <a href="http://domain.com/path/out.php?b=3532">Click Here for the Primary Offer!</a>
    That link would then link to the split test of 2 offers.

    Finally, the Up-Sell Offer

    Then, let’s say you want another offer after the primary one as an up-sell. Similarly, create another branch, add the one or more offers to that branch to split test, and on the primary offer pages, use the branch code for the up-sell branch to link to the up-sell offers.

    As you can imagine, you can create as many landing page or offer split tests at multiple points in your funnel. The possibilities are endless when using the basic unit of a branch to construct your tree.

    While a single branch is a relatively simple concept (it’s a rotator that rotates multiple pages), it becomes immensely powerful when you start piecing together multiple branches in a complex funnel.

    Hope this helps you advanced guys who need to construct complex funnels!
  16. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    CPA Cost Model: How to Setup Offers Like a Mini Affiliate Network / Broker Traffic

    Hey guys,

    THRIVE can now allow you to create campaigns under either the CPC or CPA cost model.

    The CPA cost model will assign cost to a click only when it converts.

    One way to scale up your CPA operation is to get some employees or affiliates under you, and this tracking model allows you to do that.

    There are usually 2 scenarios when you start to broker traffic.

    • The first is you enter into some sort of a revenue-share with someone who has traffic, whether an ad network or a publisher. Then you agree that whenever you get a conversion of any kind, you will pay them some amount of that conversion. The publisher takes on more of the risk, but a higher return on his traffic is also possible.
    • The second is you enter into an agreement with another affiliate (or employee), similar to yourself to send you traffic. Perhaps you have an offer that they don’t have access to. Perhaps you have an offer at a high, exclusive payout. Whatever the reason, you are acting as the affiliate network and providing that affiliate the ability to run your offer.

    Track Using the CPA Cost Model

    The two most commonly used software by affiliate networks is Cake and HasOffers. However, when you’re just starting, the cost of either can be expensive and unnecessary. In addition, they cannot do the things you need a tracker to do like THRIVE can so you can continue to run and optimize your own traffic.

    The good news is you can use THRIVE to broker traffic. You can run your own campaigns along side the campaigns that are made to receive traffic from your own affiliates.

    Setup the Traffic Source

    First, create a traffic source in THRIVE that’s just for your affiliates. You can name it something like “External Affiliates” and abbreviate it like “EXA”.

    Don’t put anything in the traffic source post-back/pixel field. We’ll do that on each campaign-specific level.

    Next, setup your traffic source so that your affiliates can send in their own click IDs and also a few other variables (s1-s4) they can use to send in other parameters:


    You’ll notice a parameter called “aid”, which is named “Affiliate ID”. Since a single affiliate may run multiple campaigns, you would be able to run reports for specific affiliates across the campaigns you’ve given them to run by assigning each of your affiliates an ID.

    Create an “Offer” for Your Affiliate

    Whenever you want to create an offer for one of your affiliates, simply create a campaign in THRIVE using the traffic source “External Affiliates”.

    When you’re creating the campaign, be sure to select the CPA cost model instead of CPC:


    The default cost is the payout for this offer that you’re offering your affiliate. That’s your cost and their revenue whenever a conversion happens.

    In the campaign, you can create a rotation of offers/landing pages just like any other campaign. Normally, you would just create a direct linked campaign with one offer that you’re brokering. However, you can of course also split test your affiliate’s traffic.

    Once the campaign is created, the campaign URL that THRIVE generates will look something like this:

    First, as mentioned earlier, we added an “aid=” parameter to identify the affiliate. You can designate your own affiliate ID. Let’s say for this person, you’ve designed their affiliate ID as 1234.

    Then, the “offer URL” that you would give to your affiliate would be:

    And you would tell them to send their sub IDs through the “clickid=” variable. If they were also using THRIVE to track their campaigns, then the offer URL they would use would be:

    The other variables s1 through s4 would be available for your affiliate to use to pass whatever they wanted, if anything, to help you optimize.

    Setup Post-Back for Your Affiliate

    You can setup real-time tracking for your affiliates by putting their post-back URL or pixel in their campaign so that whenever THRIVE gets a conversion, their post-back/pixel can piggy back off of yours.

    To do so, edit the campaign-specific post-back:


    In that modal, enter in the post-back URL or pixel that your affiliate has given you.

    For example, if his post-back URL was:

    Then, the post-back URL you’d enter into that campaign would be:

    The post-back/pixel piggy-back feature of THRIVE can also post-back any number of other variables if your affiliate needs them. That is slightly more advanced, so please contact THRIVE support on how to get that done.

    So there you have it. You can pretty easily within a few minutes setup your own little affiliate network with THRIVE!
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  17. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    For anyone who is using ClickBank or want to start promoting products on ClickBank, THRIVE is now fully integrated with their real time conversion tracking service.

    If you are a Thrive user already, you know that most of the time you depend on Thrive’s post-back URL to call back to Thrive whenever one of your offers receives a conversion.

    ClickBank, however, doesn’t support this capability. Instead, they have their own version of a conversion post-back called the “Instant Notification Service”. With this integration, when you get sales, Thrive will automatically be notified in real time of a conversion just like using its post-back URL for other offers.

    Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to set it up.

    First, grab the ClickBank-specific URL from the Tracking section:


    On that page, copy the URL in Step 1:


    Then, log into your ClickBank interface and go to Settings > My Site.

    Scroll down to Advanced Tools and click the Edit link.

    On that page, paste in the URL that you just copied:


    Make sure that Version 6.0 is selected and then click “Test IPN”.

    On that page, you’ll also see a “Secret Key”:


    Copy that key and go into Thrive to enter it:


    Once you’ve completed Step 2, you’re all set! When you get sales, THRIVE will get notified of the conversions in real time.
  18. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    ^Awesome addition man!
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  19. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    The Cloaker / Bot Filter Add-on Module for THRIVE Now Available

    We have just launched our brand new, off the factory line, add-on module for THRIVE to all our users called the Cloaker/Bot Filter module. For the first time, your tracking and cloaking needs can be under one roof!


    Tutorial Walk-Through

    We produced a full walk-through tutorial for our users, but I’ve also decided to post it here because it is able to show exactly what this module can do at this point. Keep in mind, we just launched this, and it’s only the beginning!

    Advanced Capabilities

    We are just getting started with this module, but in my opinion, it is already quite robust.

    • Automatically detect bot traffic and filter it out in separate reporting
    • Create custom filters for cloaking based on the following criteria:
      – Browser
      – Country
      – Device Type
      – Device Brand
      – Device Model
      – ISP/Carrier
      – IP Address List
      – Known Bots
      – Operating System
      – Referrer String
      – URL Parameter
      – User Agent String
    • Send cloaked traffic to a “safe page” of your choosing
    • Separate bot and cloaked traffic reporting so the data does not contaminate your real traffic data

    For the future, we will be working on ways to detect VPN/proxies and spy tools.

    Please note: We are not in the business of cloaking specific traffic sources as THRIVE must stay 100% compliant. This is a do-it-yourself cloaker that basically allows you to customize your own cloaker. We may partner with a 3rd party in the future for this.

    Free Beta Period

    This add-on module is going to be free for everyone until at least May 14th, 2015, so that everyone can test this out for free. We may extend this if we feel it's necessary.

    If you're on your self-hosted free trial, this is free for your entire trial period.

    If you're a Managed Service client, all add-ons are included already, so this is free permanently.

    To get access, you just need to enable the add-on module in your Thrive billing page.

    Please note, if you keep it enabled, you will be charged once the free beta period is over. You can disable it at any time.
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  20. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Whitelisting via the Cloaker Module

    Previously, you were able to only blacklist. For example, you were able to blacklist visitors who were on Firefox browsers. Now, you can whitelist. For example, you can now only allow visitors who are on Firefox browsers. The filter you create would filter out anything that doesn't satisfy the rule.

    To turn on whitelist for a rule you're creating, simply flip this switch:

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  21. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Sorry for making everyone wait so long, but we've now implemented the ability to pass city and region to your landing page.

    Simply use the tokens {loc:city} and {loc:region} when editing your landing page URLs in Thrive.

    Any questions, as always, please submit a support ticket and our guys will take care of it for you!

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