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Spotlight: Run Your App Install Campaigns on ThriveTracker


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Hey there everyone!

During 2018, the mobile applications industry will celebrate its tenth anniversary. In the ten years since this became a mainstream point of interest, the growth in this segment has been absolutely phenomenal, and performance marketing has been paying attention. Affiliates are increasingly aware of this market segment – centered squarely around app installs – and many have already started pushing a larger percentage of their campaigns towards mobile.

With that in mind, ThriveTracker has been hard at work to facilitate an infrastructure that can handle the steadily increasing demands of the mobile affiliate. Our staff members have been surveying the community and the industry to understand what the most important factors are when handling mobile campaigns, and this is what we’ve found:
  1. Big Scale
  2. Zero Latency
  3. Fastest Speeds
Some of you are already thinking “Well, that’s the tracking demand for any performance marketing campaign” and we would agree with you on that. However, these factors are amplified that much further with app installs, thanks in part to the nature of the industry itself.

Big Scale
Mobile apps are going to offer you HUGE market segments, seeing as smartphones and tablets have already overtaken desktop usage. The target audience to take advantage of your latest app install offer is going to vastly outweigh many of the target audiences you see in more traditional affiliate offer verticals. Bigger audiences means the need for handling larger click scale, and ThriveTracker’s AWS infrastructure is built to handle as many clicks as you can throw at it. We’re regularly tracking hundreds of millions of clicks each day for our customers, and these amounts vary every passing minute. Our use of click tracking servers in all Amazon data centers, worldwide, means we’re up to the task of meeting the intense click-tracking demands of app installs.

Zero Latency
Knowing just how taboo the subject of latency is for affiliates, we’ve gone to the trouble to build in many safeguards for our users to feel secure with. Being in all Amazon data centers, we’re also employing Amazon’s best technologies, such as the Elastic Load-Balancer. This particular feature allows our infrastructure to share the tracking load across the entire Amazon cloud, erasing the idea of a single point of failure. It doesn’t matter how big the traffic spike might be, how quickly it came about, or how often it comes around – we’re built to handle it. Not only does this keep your campaigns in the green at all hours of the day during all days of the week, but it also helps contribute to your redirect speeds as well.

Fastest Speeds
Building a cloud infrastructure this advanced was a major point of focus for us, and asking it to perform at top speed was the final piece of the puzzle. By inserting a redirect link into your campaign funnel, you’re only adding to the time it takes to connect your visitor to the offer. If you’re going to add time onto the process, it must be the shortest amount of time possible. This is the emphasis of our platform – ThriveTracker will move your traffic from one step to the next faster than any other tracker available today. Having hundreds of click-tracking servers in every AWS data center means that we are always using the closest available connection for redirection. You paid for your traffic to enter your campaign funnel, so we’ll make sure our speeds keep them moving toward the conversion, not the exit.


It is so important for you to have these items handled today, seeing as tomorrow’s demands will only become more intensive. Utilizing lagging tech and infrastructure right now will only work against you as the mobile application industry keeps growing and pushing forward. We’re looking forward to those next developments, as we level-up right alongside them.