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  1. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Spotlight: Run Your App Install Campaigns on ThriveTracker

    Hey there everyone! During 2018, the mobile applications industry will celebrate its tenth anniversary. In the ten years since this became a mainstream point of interest, the growth in this segment has been absolutely phenomenal, and performance marketing has been paying attention. Affiliates...
  2. Benjamin Pages

    A New Kid on the Block - Mobile Performance Marketing

    Hey Gals and Lads! Benjamin here. Glad to be part of the forum and hope I can serve as many of you as imaginably possible. I'm in the affiliate marketing business and help advertisers and publishers alike turn mobile traffic to big bucks. I'll be following the forum closely and helping out...
  3. clickBakers

    How to Choose Your Web & Mobile Traffic Tracking Platform

    Online traffic tracking and management is vital to your campaigns regardless if you’re publisher, advertiser or media buyer. Having solid tools in place for detailed traffic analysis can make or break a campaign and so investing in advanced traffic platform is a must. Understanding which...