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How to Choose Your Web & Mobile Traffic Tracking Platform


Online traffic tracking and management is vital to your campaigns regardless if you’re publisher, advertiser or media buyer. Having solid tools in place for detailed traffic analysis can make or break a campaign and so investing in advanced traffic platform is a must. Understanding which solutions are relevant to your particular case will simplify your activities and save you time that rather should be spent on other important aspects of online marketing, especially on increasing campaign performance and optimization.

Choosing the right online traffic tracking platform to fit your particular needs can be quite overwhelming. In order to get the best tool, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want a self-hosted or cloud based solution?
  2. What is my budget?
  3. How much traffic volume will I be managing?
  4. What are my targeting and optimization needs?
  5. What are my monetization needs?
  1. SELF-HOSTED OR CLOUD – If you are a high volume advertiser, publisher or media buyers, scalable cloud hosted, usually SaaS based service, is the way to go. clickBakers solution is cost-effective and scalable, just choose your monthly plan based on the volume of managed clicks. See price plans.
    However, if you’re concerned about sharing your data with other parties, and prefer to keep it on your own database, you can get a self-hosted solution on your server.
  1. BUDGET – Set your monthly budget and see what price plans are being offered for the volume of your managed traffic. Many platforms offer free trial period to test the platform and its user interface, so you can evaluate in advance before committing to subscription or purchase. clickBakers offers a 3-month free trial period to test the service, so sign up today and try it!
  1. TRAFFIC VOLUME – Look for scalable solutions that have flexible traffic volume options and changeable pricing plans. It’s good to have possibilities to change the plans with fluctuating traffic or when opportunities for price efficient media buys arise. With clickBakers you can scale between plans, and upgrade or downgrade monthly based on your needs and traffic volume.
  1. TARGETING & OPTIMIZATION – In nowadays device fragmented environment, advanced tracking and targeting solution is crucial. Different types of traffic, e.g. web, mobile, tablet, IPTV, variety of connections, devices, operating systems and browsers significantly diversify targeting options. To match all aspects of traffic source parameters with relevant offer, landing page or monetization option is important for maximizing performance. Optimization tools such as A/B testing, flexible redirects, percentage splits, day parting, or clicks capping need to be easy to set up and use, as only then, you’ll use them frequently. clickBakers offers you all these tools conveniently so you can optimize effortlessly.
  2. USER MONETIZATION – If you’re differentiating between billing options in your user monetization process, detecting the parameters of traffic sources such as mobile operator for mobile (carrier) billing is a prerequisite for successful conversions. You need to choose a solution that will accurately identify IP ranges so you can offer your users a highly converting and frictionless carrier billing. clickBakers has an exclusive database of IP ranges from mobile operators worldwide updated on a monthly basis that assure accurate carrier targeting. Accuracy is the key in this case, and although many networks and solutions promise it, detecting carrier mobile traffic precisely remains a challenge. Try clickBakers for your mobile traffic monetization, and you’ll be positively surprised by the results!
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