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  1. R

    Exoclick account approval

    Hello, I have followed all the guidelines and created an Exoclick account. After adding $200 to the balance, my account was rejected. Just to check I asked a friend of mine to create an account for his digital marketing company on ExoClick, same happened to him. Is there any method of getting...
  2. M

    How to filter trash traffic in adult affiliate?

    I want to try the adult affiliate. I saw in a YouTube video people doing CrackRevenue + TrafficJunky / Exoclick and having very good results. Now I see people in forums saying that in this type of traffic you have to filter a lot of spam and trash traffic, does anyone know how to do it? I also...
  3. Yasser Feddad

    How to convert Download offers on mobile

    Hey guys, This question is for the OGs of affiliate marketing. Any help here is highly appreciated :) I've been looking around for ways to convert Download offers for mobile. The kind I'm specifically interested in is CPA offers for mobile subscription. I know for a fact that POP traffic used...
  4. JakeJake

    Exoclick Tags Wrong Labels Problem

    Hey guys, I'm getting a problem where almost everything I launch on Exoclick, gets wrong labels. And I can't, for the love of me, figure out how to fix it. For example, my LP is 100% clean, no entry pops or auto sound, yet Exoclick decides to tag it like it has those things. This of course...
  5. Traffic-Warrior

    Need Help with ExoClick Bonus

    Hi Guys! :affiliatefix: Does anyone know how to get a Bonus for my First 200$ ExoClick ad account TopUp? :) I hope someone has a solution :p
  6. editory

    Adult journey to 5000 usd per month

    Hello friends! English is not my native language, sorry for the future mistakes. In affiliate marketing over 4 months, all that time I spent on learning... Target: 5000 usd per Month or 160 usd per Day Niche: Adult(cam/paysites) - Pops, banners Tracker: Voluum (already purchased) Spy...
  7. A

    Exoclick Postback URL

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new in this world, i would like to start buying traffic on Exoclick, anybody is able to help me setting up the Postback URL properly? I would like to start tracking my conversions directly on the Exoclick Platform. Thanks in advance :)
  8. Axel_inferno09

    Review A question regarding adult ad networks.

    Anyone has had successes with adult ad networks like- trafficjunky,exoclick or juicy ads? i have used exoclick in the past- i deposited $200, promoted a good SOI offer (i was earning good with this offer from free traffic)however on exoclick,all money busted up without getting a single...
  9. M

    Exoclick traffics drops a lot

    after my campaign have been automatically assigned with campaign information category and label by the system,my campaign traffic almost stopped,anyone know how can I remove the category and label?
  10. xtraffik

    By Newbie for Newbies: The campaign optimisation walkthrough I wish I had last week

    Hey guys! So I started my CPA journey around 10 days ago and have experimented with: Training: CPAELITES upgrade, AffiliateFix upgrade, RevMax mastermind and also a bunch of courses downloaded from Torrents/FileLockers Trackers: CPVLabs, Prosper202, AdsBridge Offers: RevMax, MaxBounty, Peerfly...
  11. B

    Adsbridge x Exoclick data don't match

    I just signed up for Adsbridge's Pro plan and I'm trying to track my Exoclick campaign. I've got CPM enabled and I'm pretty sure I have everything set up right but the impression data doesn't match. I got this from yesterday's campaign Exoclick impression = 15,426 Adsbridge = 368 Also, I...
  12. B

    Can't track {cost} in Exoclick

    How come Exoclick can't pass cost parameters? I'm using Adsbridge. Thanks
  13. PPCMaverick

    Getting Started With Adult Single Optin Campaign

    Hi Folks, So after some time, I decided to post my follow along about my Adult SOI Campaign. Its a completely new campaign. Following are the details - Affiliate Network - Mobidea Traffic Source - Exoclick Payout - $0.2-$0.29 Geo - Russ I launched on 13-Oct. Right now the stats are Negative...
  14. Saylarhd

    your opinion in exoclick ?

    hi guys what your opinion in exoclick what best countries for quality traffic in this network? thank you
  15. J

    Exoclick First Payment ! ?

    Recently I have applied to get my first payment from Exoclick but get account blocked. I tried to email them but with no further reply. Don't know what's going on. Isn't their custom service running 24/7 ? I google a little bit and found that many people seem to have a same problem when applying...
  16. viktor_sch

    ExoClick representative here?

    I'm getting bored trying to get ExoClick support to take a look into my issue. They are ignoring my emails, do not read logs I provided and send me just template-based replies. Do we have anyone here who is able to bring light into the darkness?
  17. Giles ExoClick

    Announcement ExoClick has 2 new ad formats

    Sticky banner - A display banner that can be made to ‘stick’ in a specific position on a desktop screen, 9 positions are available. The sticky banner comes in various sizes. Notification bar - A bar that sits at the top of the desktop screen and is similar to the browser notification bars. The...
  18. cikatomo

    Exoclick top impressions

    I bid 10$ for certain country to see if my ad is gonna show up, but I am refreshing and clicking 100 times, but my ad is nowhere to be seen, yet the impressions are growing. I only see same two ads over and over again. Can somebody explain me how this works? What d I need to do to get the first...