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  1. Mohsin1223

    What's the best alternative network of Maxbounty

    Hello guys i want to know which network is the best alternative of Maxbounty kindly help me please. Thank You
  2. funkywithans

    PlugRush: How To Use Postback URL

    Hello all, I wanted to promote an offer with PlugRush, but I think their offices are closed right now so I can't get an answer from them until tomorrow. How do I use the postback URL conversion tracking for PlugRush? Specifically for MaxBounty? If anyone knows or even better, uses these 2...
  3. MaxBountyJoe

    Trending Vertical at MaxBounty: Rent-to-own offers

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop in quickly to provide some insight on a vertical that our affiliates are currently finding more success with than usual, rent-to-own offers. There's a few reasons we think this is happening and we go into more detail on them in a new blog post. We've also...
  4. MaxBountyJoe

    MaxBounty's Tips for Choosing Affiliate Campaigns as a Beginner

    Hey, everyone! I just wanted to quickly share some content that we recently put out on the MaxBounty Blog that should be helpful to any newbies here on Affiliate Fix. We break down six tips for choosing CPA campaigns when you're just starting out. It should give you a bit of guidance if...
  5. zain shah

    Pre lander for current offers of Maxbounty

    hello I am working with maxbounty, how can I get pre lander for maxbounty existing offers, or i to have to create one myself?
  6. Asif Raza Muhammad

    Why Maxbounty Terminated My Account?

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have lost my account because the SKYPE address was the same. she gets my account information and promptly changed the password and username, and the amount in my account was $900, I contact via email my account manager, Bianca Aversa, she advised me to re-apply for a fresh...
  7. Make Money With CPA

    Kate Ardidon Maxbounty Affiliate Manager

    Hello! @MaxBountyAdam @Steve MaxBounty @MaxBountyJoe I applied to MaxBounty as a publisher my affiliate ID is: 542687 my application is rejected for no reason please see this Screenshot I try to contact my Affiliate Manager Kate Ardidon but when I try to call my call is transferred to...
  8. M

    How to start with $ 50 to promote maxbounty products

    I lost a lot creating failed campaigns and gained nothing from them. How do I get started with $ 50 to promote products with a no-loss guarantee
  9. MaxBountyJoe

    MaxBounty Launches New Performance Bonus Promotion

    I just wanted to inform any of our affiliates on AffiliateFix that as a MaxBounty affiliate, you can now earn up to an 8% bonus on your earnings generated between July 6th and August 6th by beating your BEST performance from either May 3rd – June 3rd 2020 or June 4th – July 5th 2020 (Whichever...
  10. A

    First time I got hurt In online by MaxBounty

    Hello Affiliatefix, I'm from Bangladesh. First time I got hurt In online. If anyone can provide Quality Paid Traffic From Google, Bing and FB ads, Its really painful that he/she can't work with Maxbounty only for country he from. It's really, really misbehavior with Third world countries. I...
  11. Sufian Shahid

    MGID native advertisement + Maxbounty + Dating Camping

    I have joined this forum about 20 minutes ago. I was very exited to run ads on MGID as i got positive responses from all of the people i asked about MGID ads performances. Ran some ads yesterday, ads approved within 24 hours. As i don't have that HI-FI knowledge of optimising the ads, i was...
  12. A

    A Newbie starting up its journey

    Hi guys, Andrea here from Italy. This forum is amazing! I'm a full-time Wordpress developer & Graphic designer who recently has focused on affiliate marketing. After months of surfing around the internet seeking information, I finally feel ready to start my first campaign. My last doubt is...
  13. YasonNasser

    Free Samples Offers from Maxbounty with ZeroPark

    Dears, i'm newbie to CPA affiliate. i created a campaign for free samples offer(Email Submit) on zeropark i spent 20$ with no conversion i got only 70 clicks from 71590 visits. i used landing page and Bemob tracking software. i don't know what is wrong any suggestion or help plz?
  14. X

    MaxBounty + PropellerAds Tracking

    Hello. I am new to this form and am liking it so far, this is my first post so hey everyone! I am currently trying to figure out how to setup my PropellerAds + MaxBounty conversion and zone tracking without any trackers, Just SUBIDs and Postback URLS inside PropellerAds and MaxBounty. I...
  15. A

    Push traffic to MaxBounty, 0 conversions, HELP

    Hey AF members! I've tried running some push traffic from Datspush to 2 separate offers on MaxBounty. Followed the suggestions of both offers wrt geos, type of traffic etc. The offers I ran were InboxDollars and SafeBreath Pro Mask. With InboxDollars, I got some epic CTR as well - 40%, but did...
  16. A

    Maxbounty closed my account without valid reason

    I particularly believes they closed my account because I'm using a vpn software to log into my account, I did used vpn whenever l'm connecting to a public hotspot for safety concerns Is it possible to appeal for this matter? Any representative or AM from Maxbounty i need you assistance. Thanks...
  17. TuhinTushar

    Don't Know What To Do! - MaxBounty Issue!

    Previously I was doing CPA marketing with Peerfly but badly Peerfly shutdown their normal operation. And that's why I really need to get into a great CPA network. Anyway, I've tried on MaxBounty by thinking that MaxBounty is the one of the another greatest network like Peerfly having great...
  18. Bablu kumar

    Best CPA for india

    anyone can tell best cpa offer for promotion in india
  19. D

    Maxbounty with Bing

    Hi, I am promoting two offers from Maxbounty since last 2 weeks, One is email and address opt in and another is ecom offer. To my surprise I am getting daily 15/30 clicks on both of them but non of the offers are getting conversions. I am linking the offer landing page directly with my advt. I...
  20. L

    Hi Fixers, i am new here, I have only $200 in investment to start with MaxBounty,..

    Hi Fixers, just thinking about starting and already been approved at Maxibounty, I've read couple threat here, my confusion is which offer to start with and which type of traffic.I am awordpress developer and practiced how to build landing page and capture page. $200 to little to start?