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maxbounty account approval

  1. I

    Why maxbounty doesn't allow Bangladeshi Affiliates?

    I applied more than 20 times. But they reject my application without a phone call.
  2. Make Money With CPA

    Kate Ardidon Maxbounty Affiliate Manager

    Hello! @MaxBountyAdam @Steve MaxBounty @MaxBountyJoe I applied to MaxBounty as a publisher my affiliate ID is: 542687 my application is rejected for no reason please see this Screenshot I try to contact my Affiliate Manager Kate Ardidon but when I try to call my call is transferred to...
  3. A

    First time I got hurt In online by MaxBounty

    Hello Affiliatefix, I'm from Bangladesh. First time I got hurt In online. If anyone can provide Quality Paid Traffic From Google, Bing and FB ads, Its really painful that he/she can't work with Maxbounty only for country he from. It's really, really misbehavior with Third world countries. I...
  4. A

    Maxbounty Still hasn't contacted me

    Hello I am Aboubakry Diacko, I'm new hear and glad to be part of the community, I'm just wondering if it is possible for anyone to help me please get into contact with maxbounty, I just recently did the application over a week ago and NEVER got a single response, I am an experienced marketer but...
  5. T

    Why does Maxbounty ask if I used Proxy when signup as affiliate

    I signed up as Maxbounty affiliate then they called me for a phone interview and asked why I used proxy to signup. I was very surprised because I've never setup any proxy on my Laptop. I answered him that I didn't use proxy but then he hang up immediately, few seconds later I got an email notify...
  6. D

    Maxbounty Terms & Promotional Methods?

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing and could someone help me with below questions? 01. Recently I got approved for Maxbounty and I noticed that some offers can't promote using some traffic sources. As an example, I'm promoting an offer with my own landing page & if that offer doesn't allow social...
  7. Rehan Khan

    Maxbounty account Terminated for No reason

    Hello @Steve MaxBounty Please Look at to this matter and kindly reinstate my account back I really work hard to get my leads. Today i have received an email from Maxbounty saying that my maxbounty account is terminated because of fraud. I really don't know what i just did wrong, i guess...
  8. heyderli557

    Maxbounty Account

    Hi friends I live in Azerbaijan I need a maxbounty account because maxbounty doesn't approve me. please help me:(
  9. Toni-Ann Brown

    New Affiliate On The Rise To Greatness!

    Hello viewers! My name is Toni-Ann Brown and I am a 22 year old female from the Caribbean. I must admit that I LOVE affiliate marketing for a very long time and I have learnt so much from many experienced affiliates and is always looking for more ways to expand my knowledge and to take my...
  10. Azhar Saleem

    I need help to approve Maxbounty & Peerfly account

    Hi everybody I need help to approve Maxbounty and Peerfly accounts. Some days ago I apply on both networks but my application was denied. Please help me to get Approval. Thanks
  11. Benitajoe

    Network Wanted I'm in need of maxbounty account

    Hello, I'm in need of maxbounty account. I have peerfly, Aragon advisement, and crackrevenue with $60 dollars inside. But I needed crackrevenue badly.
  12. G

    about maxbounty

    please let me know about maxbounty.which question will ask maxbounty by skype for approve account?
  13. Bakul Kumer

    Could you help me about approval maxbounty account

    I am Bakul Kumer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had tried to approval account at Maxbounty. I had applied several time but every time rejected. I called every time but didn't received my call & every time I record my voice for phone interview. But I am totally undone. I have been working as full...